Not dead yet, But will be-Fathima Rifqa Bary: Runaway Teen Fears Honor Killing (VIDEO)

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Friday, August 21, 2009

By Andrea, posted in News

rifqa bary

Fathima Rifqa Bary, a 17-year-old honor student and cheerleader who fled her family home in Ohio because she feared her family would murder her in what is known as “honor killing,” is at the center of a controversy sparking nationwide debate.

Honor killing, which occurs predominantly in Muslim countries, is the killing of a person believed to have brought dishonor upon his or her family.

Bary’s family moved to the United States from Sri Lanka to get her medical care after an accident left her blind in one eye.  Rifqa, a Christian convert, left her Muslim parents’ home in July, seeking refuge with the Global Revolution Church in Florida.  The teenager claims her father threatened her with honor killing after discovering she had been baptized.

According to sources, Rifqa was accompanied by friends to the counselor at the Columbus area middle school she attended, after beatings by her father and brother resulted in bruises covering her arms and legs.


“The middle school, in a serious dereliction of duty, did not report these beatings to child welfare services,” reports Pamela Geller on Atlas Shrugs. “Beatings were random, violent, unprovoked. Take, for example, when Rifqa and her father Mohamed were driving in the car. He would force her to wear the hijab (head covering), which she hated. In her discomfort she would slouch down, embarrassed, and her father would haul off and sock her in the face so that she never forgot to sit up straight in her costume. The beatings were regular and so much a part of the landscape of Rifqa’s life, she became inured to them …”

Rifqa contacted Blake and Beverly Lorenz, pastors of the Florida church whom she met on a Facebook prayer group.  She then took a Greyhound bus to Orlando, seeking refuge with the couple.

The girl’s father, Mohamed Bary, denies her allegations, and claims the teen has been brainwashed by Lorenz, and has asked that the Florida courts send her home.

Bary’s father calls the Global Revolution Church a “cult” who kidnapped his daughter, and Pakistan Daily reported that Rifqa was pregnant and  “into drugs, promiscuous behavior and raunchy messages on Facebook. She was discussing sex with multiple older married men. When the parents tried to control her behavior she refused to do so. On her return to the home she conjured up a story of conversion to Christianity. There are serious accusations against the church on holding a minor girl in custody against the will of her guardians and parents. How many more girls will the church kidnap?”

A Florida judge determined today that Rifqa will not be immediately returned to her parents’ home, as they wished.  The judge set a hearing for September 3, at which time a dependency petition will be argued.

“What occurred today was an amazing victory for Rifqa and an amazing victory for religious liberty and freedom in America,” said John Stemberg, an attorney representing the teen.

“The court is going to allow at least for the time period, for Rifqa to stay in Florida and not be returned to her home in Ohio,” he said.

This story is sure to be a hotbed of controversy in the months to come — one we will be watching closely.

View video of Rifqa Bary and the media storm below.

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National Domestic Violence Pro Bono Directory is Now Up and Running!

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August 21, 2009

National Domestic Violence Pro Bono Directory is Now Up and Running!

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Tip of the hat to Media Misses for this:

The American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence has just announced its new online directory of pro bono lawyers for domestic violence cases:

WASHINGTON, DC — The American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence today announced the launch of the first-ever National Domestic Violence Pro Bono Directory, a comprehensive national database of programs providing pro bono legal services to victims of domestic violence and made public online atwww.probono.net/dv.

Source: WebWire

Please share widely!

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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is a CRIMINAL act of assault, battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, or other act that injures or kills a family or household member by another who is or was residing in the same single dwelling unit.  See, e.g. F. S. 741.30(1)(a)(1994).  If there is no outcome, claims of who did what to whom are irrelevant for all legal purposes.  Hepburn slapping Tracy across the face in one isolated instance with no particular outcome, regardless of what you think of the behavior, is not what we mean legally by "domestic violence."

SPOUSAL ABUSE is not isolated acts of "conflict tactics" in a vacuum.  A battered spouse is one who may be controlled and terrorized by a combination of abusive tactics, both directly physical and not.  There is a pattern and a dynamic in the relationship in which one of the parties is the party abused, disadvantaged and injured -- 95% of the time, this is the woman. Counting numbers of slaps without looking at the entire relationship dynamic, does not tell us who is the abuser and who is the abused.

The Straus and Gelles Conflicts Tactics Scale is merely that: it is a research tool that counts certain behaviors that might be "conflicts tactics," but tallying up who moved how and when does not necessarily comport with the legal definition of domestic violence, or accurately yield any picture of what actually happened.  And the individual conflict behaviors arbitrarily listed therein in varying levels of "severity" neither bear any necessary relationship to who is injured, nor identify which of the parties is the party "abused."  Physical movements and contacts tracked and reported without reference to outcome are misleading, and nothing short of fraudulent when used to make the specious claim that "women are doing it too." Women are not battering their husbands in epidemic proportions.  Women are not regularly beating up their men, and leaving them crouched, huddled, injured and sobbing (or worse) on the kitchen floor.  Men are not fleeing their homes, children in tow. Men are not the spouses who live in terror.

"Who is that [on the phone]!" he demands.

She ignores him, hastily whispering "I gotta go now..."

"GIMME that phone!!" he shouts.  "Who was that!!"

"It was someone from work."

He dials call return.  It's not.  "You sniveling lying BITCH," he shrieks, and yanking the phone out, throws it into the wall.  "YOU TELL ME WHO THE F--- THAT WAS RIGHT NOW," he yells, advancing at her.  He picks up a little glass budvase her grandmother gave her and holds it high.

"Nooo, gimme that!" she whines.  "WHO THE F--- WAS ON THAT PHONE!!!"  She grabs his arm to save the vase, and he holds it out of her reach.  [She has started the violence, according who touched who first.]  Smash, the vase shatters into a thousand little shards. "You pig," she mutters, nearly inaudible.

"WHAT'D YOU SAY!!! SAY IT AGAIN, BITCH!!!" he screams.  She crouches at the floor, attempting to scoop up glass splinters. He grabs her by the upper arm, bringing her to her feet.  She wrenches her arm away, and as he reaches for her again, pushes his forearm away from her.  

[Conflict tactics scale: one grab for each, plus a push for her.]

"I WANNA KNOW WHO WAS ON THAT PHONE!" he yells, down, close into her face as she backs away.  "No one..."

"YOU STUPID LYING CUNT!!" he shouts, and shoves her with a force that flings her into the corner of the wall, hitting her head...

[Conflict Tactics Scale: two for two.  Nothing but a fair fight... so far...]

The indicia of SPOUSE ABUSE AND BATTERED WIFE SYNDROME are explained in the following POWER AND CONTROL PERSPECTIVE, adapted from the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project, Duluth MN, copyright l990 New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (July l993.)  There are five areas of abuse that are utilized by the batterer to EXERCISE POWER AND CONTROL OVER THE VICTIM:

-- Psychological abuse: instilling or attempting to instill fear by intimidation, threats of harm to victim or others, threats of kidnapping, harassment, and destruction of pets and property.

-- Emotional abuse: Undermining a person's sense of self-worth by constant criticism, belittling, namecalling, silent treatments, subverting of parent-child relationships, making and breaking of promises, and so forth.

-- Economic abuse: Making, or attempting to make a person financially dependent, by, e.g. maintaining control over both parties' income, withholding money or access to same, keeping the person from outside activities, such as school, forbidding employment, harassment at the job, requiring justification for all money spent.

-- Sexual abuse: Coerced (unconsented-to) sexual contact, including marital/date rape, forced sex after beating, beating sexual parts of the body, bestiality, forced prostitution, unprotected sex, fondling, sodomy, sex with others, use of pornography.  Also undermining a person's sexuality by derogatory treatment, criticisms of desirability, unfounded accusations of infidelity.

-- Physical abuse: Inflicting or attempting to inflict physical injury or illness, e.g. by grabbing, pinching, shoving, slapping, hitting, hair-pulling, biting, arm-twisting, kicking, punching, hitting with objects, stabbing, shooting.  [Note here: the specious claims, using research primarily by Gelles, Straus, and Steinmetz, which attempt to portray women as battering their men as often as vice versa, do not take into account the realities of the abusive relationship, or that the conflict behaviors test when used in this manner -- to lie -- does not account for injury inflicted. E.g., a man who is substantially stronger than his wife can cause far greater damage with one "nonsevere" shove, than she can by waving a knife in the air while screaming "stay away from me!" But according to the Conflict Tactics Scale, the latter would be the conflict tactic of higher severity.  Nor do these measurements of movement indicate who is the abused party or victim in essence in the relationship -- the one being controlled.]  

Other kinds of physical abuse include withholding access to resources necessary to maintain health, e.g. medications, medical care, wheelchair, food or fluids, sleep, hygienic assistance, and forced alcohol or drug use, none of which is even alluded to by the purveyors of the "women are doing it just as much" nonsense.

The facts are:

Battering is about power and control. It often starts out with non-violent forms of abuse and control, and escalates, when the abuser still does not feel "enough" in control (of her, or his life or both), to physical violence.  But BEFORE THAT POINT, the relationship power dynamics are not equal.  Regardless of who first did what to whom physically, only one of them is the victim.  Because he gets rewarded (by "winning"), over time the abuser escalates the tactics employed to exact control.  Before any physical violence is ever employed, the power imbalance and the control were there.  The situation "creeps up" on the woman, who becomes inured to tighter and tighter controls and more and more abuse.  "Normal" becomes the in-between periods having an absence of physical abuse.  But the situation is NEVER normal.  If he hits once, he *WILL* do it again. And worse.

Battered women do not start out as passive "wimps."  Before he discovers the guaranteed success of the iron fist, there may be a control struggle in the relationship.  She may use passive aggressive tactics, or even some physical aggression earlier on, in an effort to regain a measure of control over her own life.  And when he feels his control of her (or other things in his life) slipping away, he escalates his choice of "weapon."

Battering is rarely an isolated event.  Two-thirds of beaten women report two or more episodes of same during the year, and half of these women are beaten five or more times, according to Straus, Gelles and Steinmentz, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: A SURVEY OF FAMILY VIOLENCE IN AMERICA: NY, NY; Doubleday, l980.

"Every gender bias commission in the United States echoed the finding...that there was 'a reluctance to acknowledge the criminality of domestic violence at every stage of the law enforcement and judicial process' due to a willingness to accept "still prevalent beliefs that violence against women can be acceptable.' " -- Judge C. S. Lederman, Report on Dade County, Family Law Commentator XIX (3) February l994; Report of the FL Sup. Ct. Gender Bias Commission (l990), p. 14.

It has been estimated that only ten (10) percent of all domestic violence incidents are reported to the police, Knoxville Journal 2/9/84.

Each year more than one million women seek medical treatment for injuries inflicted by husbands, ex-husbands, or boyfriends. [note]   The average length of a violent marriage is five years.  See Hughes, H. M. Impact of Spouse Abuse on Children of Battered Women, Violence Update 2 (12), 1-11.  

Ninety-three (93) percent of battered women are willing to forgive and forget the first beating suffered from their partners.  It also is common for women to blame themselves for provoking the behavior or starting the altercation -- such a perspective reinstalls for the victim in her own mind a sense of control and esteem -- if she did something to cause the problem, then it is within her power to fix it.  [This factor also makes many of the after-the-fact reports of who did what to whom, particularly as to research on "average" couples without substantial injuries, unreliable, because numbers alone do not offer anything about the truth or the context in which each reported "act" happened.  These are not boxing matches, watched by judges and carefully scored.]  In addition to physical injury, domestic violence involves immediate, long-standing psychological harm, which untreated, will permanently scar victims and their children.  See Judge Linda Dakis, Coordinated Professional Response: An Essential Need, Family Law Commentator XIX (3), 2/94; also see Flitcraft and Hughes, ibid.

Additional Resources: Monograph Series No. 7, National Clearinghouse on Domestic Violence, Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, l991.  A woman is battered every 10-18 seconds in the United States.

Between 8 and 11 percent of pregnant women are abused by their partners.  Newberger, E. H., Barkan, S. E., Lieberman, E. S., et al., Abuse of Pregnant Women and Adverse Birth Outcome.  JOURNAL OF AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (JAMA) l992; 267:2370.

Informal studies in doctor's offices determined that if women's appointments were cancelled by men, 90% of the women were victims of domestic violence, according to Robert E. McAfee, MD, President American Medical Association, as reported to Judge L. Tepper, Family Law Commentator, ibid.

Statistically, more women are killed who LEAVE their batterers than are killed who stay. According to Barbara Hart, the risk increase is 75%.  See Hart, B. quoted in National Estimates and Facts Aout Domestic Violence, NCADV Voice, Winter l989., p. 12.  Also see gen. Hilberman, E. and K. Munson, Sixty Battered Women, Victimology: An International Journal II, pp 460-470 (l977-78). Also see gen. Woods, L., "Mediation: A Backlash to Women's Progress on Family Law Issues," Clearinghouse Review, July l984; Muldoon, J. "Dangerous Misconceptions About Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence," Community Intervention, Minneapolis: Community Intervention, Inc. (l985).  It currently is trendy to tout the statistic women are more often battered by boyfriends, and ex-husbands than by husbands as "evidence" that "marriage protects women from domestic violence."  A more reasonable interpretation of this correlation, however, is that it says something about the character of men who marry and maintain succesful marriages, versus men who do not: men women will not marry, as well as men women have left, are more likely to be abusive, and that's why they are represented more heavily in these populations..

Domestic violence and abuse are not just a list of incidents that have occurred over some period of time.  And not just a list of aggressive behaviors that can be added up to see who has won the fight. Dutton, M. A., The Dynamics of Domestic Violence: Understanding the Response from Battered Women, Fla. Bar J., Oct. l994; see Cantos, A. L., Neidig, P. H., and O'Leary, K. D., Injuries of Women and Men in a Treatment Program for Domestic Violence, 9 J. Fam. Violence 113-123 (l994).

"Understanding the seriousness of physical violence often requires determining the context in which the behavior ocurred, since the severity of physical aggression does not adequately predict seriousness of resultant injury in domestic violence situations."  Dutton, ibid.; also see Cantos, ibid.

"Studies show that abusive fathers are far more likely than nonabusive parents to fight for child custody, not pay child or spousal support, and kidnap children."  White, A. C., Family Law and Domestic Violence, Fla. Bar J., Oct. l994; see Hansen, M. and Harway, M. Battering and Family Therapy 175 (l993); Grief G. L. and Hegar, R., Parents Whose Children Are Abducted By The Other Praent: Implications for Treatment, 19 Am. J. Fam. Therapy 215, 221 (l991); Zorza, J. Protection for Battered Women and Children, 27 Clearing House Rev. 1437 (l994).

"Battered women seeking shelter report that their abusers destroyed an average of $10,000 in family property prior to separation -- including furniture, clothing, photographs, and toys.  It costs the average victim who must move a minimum of $5,000."  Ibid. See Hart, B.  Cost of Domestic Violence (l991), Penn. Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  Also see Zorza, ibid.

"[I]t is rare that the police arrive and see the actual crime being committed... law enforcement can make an arrest based on probable cause.  Even without the required `probable cause,' the decision frequently is made to arrest *both* parties with a somewhat cavalier attitude of letting the prosecutor or the court 'sort it out.'  Not only is this irresponsible (and illegal), but a tragic result often occurs.  Children have to be taken into the custody of the [state.]...  Also, it is common that mutual dismissals result, thus masking the true and dangerous abuse...  In the last year alone, [attorney Mason, being quoted, below] represented five cases in which the victim was arrested because she defended herself.  Curiously, in all five, the police reported seeing 'a slight scratch on the face or arm' of the spouse.  In all five cases the victim/defendant suffered clearly visible and substantial trauma including hematomas, lacerations, ripped clothing, and in one incident, a broken arm.  The police, however, were satisfied by arresting them both."  Mason, C., Spouse Abuse --The Other Victim, in Fla. Bar J., ibid

A CHILD WHO WITNESSED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS MORE LIKELY TO GROW INTO A PERPETRATOR OR VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THAN A CHILD WHO WAS HIMSELF ABUSED.  Hotaling, G. T. and Sugarman, D. B., An Analysis of Risk Markers in Husband to Wife Violence: The Current State of Knowledge, 1 Violence and Victims 101-124 (l986.)

"It's formally equal.  People are entitled to the same lack of protection whether they're 120-pound women or 220-pound male running backs...

"But...where there is no law, it's not that everyone is free and no one rules.  WHERE THERE IS NO LAW, THE STRONG RULE. So each household can become a tiny lawless realm, ruled by a strong and violent king." -- L. Hirshman, in Ms., Making Safety a Civil Right, Sept./Oct. l994 Lang Communications.

Note to Cathy Young and the rest of the ignorantii: do you go to a hospital emergency room every time you have an injury? as your sole method of seeking medical treatment?  RETURN TO TEXT


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Fatherlessness "Research" is Overly Simplistic, Biased, and Sexist (by Randi James)

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Fatherlessness "Research" is Overly Simplistic, Biased, and Sexist



    For more information, please see this page of excerpts of Michael Lamb's research.

    Most researchers past and present looked at father absence in an overly simplistic fashion. Early father absence studies were weakened by researchers not taking the role of the father within the context of the family and society at large. They were also weakened by techniques used to determine the development of masculinity and femininity in children.A bad or inadequate father is worse than no father at all. The fathers' attitude towards his children and the way he interacts with them is important. Data indicated that "quality of the father-son relationship is a more important influence on the boy's masculine development than the amount of time the father spends at home."

    Children are not irreparably harmed by the absence of their biological fathers, so fatherhood initiatives that seek to bring the bio-father into the family, regardless of the costs, are short-sighted. The absence of the father may be mellowed by the presence of other positive male role models: "Paternal absence or paternal inadequacy does not rule out the possible presence of other male models. A brother, uncle, grandfather, or male boarder may ensure that the boy has much interactions with a competent adult male. An important role can be played by male neighbors and teachers. Male teachers, particularly, may influence father-absent boys."

    Early studies found that fathers away from their children for more than two years regarded them as "sissies." Lamb agreed with this assessment, stating that "boys were less assertively aggressive and independent in their peer relations than boys who had not been separated from their fathers. They were more often observed to be very submissive or to react with immature hostility, and they were actually more aggressive in doll play than boys who had not been separated from their fathers. However, the facts that the fathers were present in the home at the time of this study and that the father-child relationships were stressful make it difficult to speculate about what influence father absence per se had on the children's personality development."

    Lamb also found that "Studies of the effects of father absence have been said to show an element of sexism in that more attention has been given to effects on boys than on girls."

    Father absence studies began to assess the effects on children of the absence of their fathers due to military service during World War II. Comparisons between war time father absence and father absence due to divorce or single parenthood are so far removed from each other that the differing conditions between these situations must be taken into account before using father absence research to describe (and especially to malign) divorced and single mother homes.

    Most importantly, "well-socialized and successful adult males were likely to have had highly involved fathers and to have come from homes where their parents had compatible relationships. Some very extensive longitudinal data underscore the importance of both the father's behavior and the father- mother relationship in the personality adjustment of the child. In general, block (1971) found that males who had achieved a successful emotional and interpersonal adjustment in adulthood had both fathers and mothers who were highly involved and responsible in their upbringing. In contrast poorly adjusted males had fathers who were typically uninvolved in childrearing and mothers who tended to have a neurotic attachment."


    Michael Lamb was once a prominent researcher for fathers' rights ie Kelly and Lamb....

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          Alameda County: Father takes child after Violent Confrontation with mother (Mother has sought several protection orders in past)

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          Missing two-month-old found safe

          Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | 11:45 AMhttp://abclocal.go.com/kgo/story?section=news/local/east_bay&id=6972375

          Diamante Dunn, Davion Bryceon Dunn, Kalandre DunnAn AMBER Alert has been issued in Alameda County for a two-month-old boy.

            By Teresa Garcia

          ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA (KGO) -- Two suspects are in Antioch police custody after the kidnap of a two-month-old in Pleasanton.

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          An AMBER Alert had been issued after the father of the baby allegedly grabbed the boy out of a car Wednesday morning in Pleasanton.

          Authorities say there was a violent confrontation between the father and the mother of the baby. It happened at the intersection of Holland and Payne in Pleasanton. The father's car drove off south on Hopyard Road near the 580-680 interchange.

          They're not releasing much information about the baby's mother because they say she's a juvenile.

          The abducted two and a half month old baby is named Davion Dunn. Pleasanton police say he was taken by his father and uncle shortly before five Wednesday morning. The abduction happened on neighborhood streets.

          "We received a call from a resident, and the resident was reporting a disturbance of a woman crying over off of Holland and Payne," Pleasanton Police Lt. Mark Senkle.

          Responding officers found the baby's mother and her two friends near their car. Police say they were all on their way to a friend's house when they spotted the baby's father, 18-year-old Daminate Dunn and his 21-year-old brother Kelandre Dunn of Richmond waiting outside for them in a car. There was a short chase and when the mother and her friends stopped their car, the young men jumped out, blocking them, and then it turned violent.

          "The mother of the child and one of passengers in the vehicle were assaulted. The child was forcibly removed from a child seat, and according to a description that we received, pretty violently dragged into the suspect's car," said Lt. Senkle.

          Police are looking into the motive for the abduction, but believe it may stem from an ongoing domestic dispute. It took nearly four hours before authorities issued an AMBER Alert because there was a lot of confusion gathering information from the victims.

          "We certainly would've like to have gotten it out earlier, but you also don't want to put out erroneous information, or send an AMBER Alert out when it doesn't meet the criteria," said Lt. Senkle.

          The mother had previously filed a restraining order on the father.

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          BREAKING NEWS: AMBER Alert issued for boy taken by father after assaulting mother in Alameda County

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          Breaking News

          Wednesday, August 19, 2009


          Two-month-old kidnapped in Alameda County

          Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | 8:17 AM

          AMBER Alert

          An AMBER Alert has been issued in Alameda County for a two-month-old boy.


          ALAMEDA COUNTY, CA (KGO) -- Authorities are searching for a two-month-old child who Pleasanton police say was taken by his father.

            The child is Davion Bryceon Dunn; he has black hair and brown eyes. His father is identified as Dimiante Dunn. He's African American, 5'11" tall, weighing 167 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes

          Dunn is in a 1988 Oldsmobile with 22-inch rims. There are two other adults in the vehicle. The vehicle was last seen going southbound on Hopyard Road, near the intersection of interstates 580 and 680. Police say Dunn ripped the child from the car seat he was in.

          The incident occurred a little after 5 am Wednesday morning when the mom, baby and a friend were stopped at the intersection of Holland and Payne in Pleasanton. The father of the child was following them; he jumped out and blocked the car from going anywhere. At the same time, his brother came around to the car and assaulted the mom's friend and then snatched the baby.

          The father of the baby then assaulted the mother of the baby. The two suspects then jumped in the Oldsmobile with the baby and took off.


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          DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Understanding Pitfalls of Divorce-Before-During and After: Susan Murphy Milano Show today 3 PM CST-Call-in Number: (347) 326-9337

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          Call-in Number: (347) 326-9337

          Upcoming Show: 8/19/2009 3:00 PM    

          Host Name:
          Susan Murphy Milano

          Show Name:

          Understanding Pitfalls of Divorce-Before-During and After

          1 hr


          Attorney Jennifer C, Weiss takes your questions as we provide a raw insight into divorce and the havoc it wreaks on lives when in the legal system without the right tools and lawyer. Susan Murphy-Milano is a violence expert, safety consultant, the daughter and survivor of murder-suicide, author of "Defending Our Lives, getting away from domestic violence & staying safe and Moving Out, Moving On when a relationship goes wrong. And her new book out in 2010,"Time's Up, how to leave and survive a dangerous relationship ,offers detailed practical information. Like your own guardian angel giving listeners guidance on what to do when you are in an abusive

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          Oh, Those Restraining Orders...They Don't Work Well With Incompetent Judges and Violent Men by Randi James

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          From the Awesome Blog of Randi James

          Oh, Those Restraining Orders...They Don't Work Well With Incompetent Judges and Violent Men

          About a week ago I entitled a post Family MembersFriends and Co-Workers of Victims are Often Aware of Problems because I was sick of the media's portrayal of these murder-suicides as lone actions of some depressed, but otherwise "nice" man.

          Shortly after that post, I wrote up on Judge Tim Barnack in Oregon being responsible for the murder of Calah Trostel after denying her restraining order petition.

          Well, that same week, I failed to write up about the murder of Letizia "Lisa" Zindell in Toms River, New Jersey. I couldn't write that one up just yet....because I was JUST VACATIONING IN TOMS RIVER DURING THAT SAME TIME PERIOD!!!!

          Letizia was murdered by her boyfriend, well, they were about get married but the wedding was called off. Her dear ex-fiance was becoming more and more enraged. She had a restraining order place against him. He likely had a not-so-good relationship in his previous relationship because he owed child support.

          Wait, wait, stop right here! You see...we have all of these poorly written media stories reporting that the economy is causing men's violence to escalate. Wrong. The thinking that is prevalent is causing men's violence. It seems that men do kill because of financial issues (debt, child support)...but this is related to them NOT having CONTROL!!!! Women have financial issues, too! Women with children are the poorest in the United States. But there is no rash of woman murder-suicides...especially in which the media reports that the woman/mother was depressed, or suffering from financial woes. No.

          Anyway, Letizia was a highly educated woman who had access to many resources, and yet, her ex-fiance decided her fate. He had JUST gotten out of jail for violating the restraining order and for child support arrears.

          Who is the judge on this case?

          New Jersey, what is going on?

          Yes, concerned citizens in New Jersey, you should organize and protest at the courthouse.

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