“Mr. President, How long must women wait for liberty?" Quotes from Iron Jawed Angels


Senator Leighton: I don't know a judge in this district that will
give you custody right now.

Emily Leighton: You wont take my children.
Senator Leighton: And how are you going to stop me? Can you afford an

Emily Leighton: An attorney? To prove what? That I'm their mother?
What will your judge say? That this is your house and your
children? What am I to you, Tom, in your house? Chattel? This is
how you punish me? I am their mother! They are not your children to


The Entire Movie is in 12 parts on the above you tube link.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)


Mabel Vernon: We are called the Iron Jawed Angels. Is that supposed
to be an insult? Oh, and Carrie Catt told the Times that we were no
better than anarchists and draft dodgers.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)


Dr. White: In oranges and women courage is often mistaken for

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Emily Leighton: They are the only reason I am here.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Alice Paul: Were legitimate citizens. Were taxed without
representation. Were not allowed to serve on juries so were not
tried by our peers. Its unconscionable, not to mention
unconstitutional. We dont make the laws but we have to obey them
like children.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Alice Paul: Its warm in here. Can you open a window?
Matron Herndon: Get to work.
Alice Paul: Cant you see she looks faint? All I ask is that you open
a window.
Lucy Burns: Matron, my needle broke. Can I have another?
[Alice takes off her shoe and throws it at the window, breaking it]
Alice Paul: Thats better, isnt it?
Matron Herndon: Put her in solitary.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Lucy Burns: [crying] Tell me what you did! If you do anything to hurt
that girl! Do you hear me?

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Carrie Chapman Catt: This will get out to the foreign press. You can
tell the President that he can look like a damn fool or he can deal
me in.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Alice Paul: I found someone who designs parade floats.
Lucy Burns: Whoa, I thought we were going to keep this small.
Alice Paul: Why?
Lucy Burns: Because youve never organized a parade before. Neither
have I. Its not like giving a dinner party.
Alice Paul: Have you ever given a dinner party?
Lucy Burns: No.
Alice Paul: Then what are you worried about?

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Lucy Burns: Dont argue with me! Youre mama duck, we follow you. If
you go down, theyll scatter. Use your head.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Alice Paul: Im not a man.
Inez Mulholland: Ever wish you were?
Alice Paul: Once, when I saw my brother peeing his name in the snow.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Lucy Burns: [talking about Carrie] I dont think she is a woman.
Seriously, has anyone seen her naked?


Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Lucy Burns: Were political prisoners. We wear our own clothes.
Matron Herndon: Youll wear what they all wear.
Lucy Burns: I want to see the warden.
Matron Herndon: You want to see him naked?

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Senator Leighton: I don't know a judge in this district that will
give you custody right now.
Emily Leighton: You wont take my children.
Senator Leighton: And how are you going to stop me? Can you afford an
Emily Leighton: An attorney? To prove what? That I'm their mother?
What will your judge say? That this is your house and your
children? What am I to you, Tom, in your house? Chattel? This is
how you punish me? I am their mother! They are not your children to

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Alice Paul: When your alone, you can make any choice you want. But
when someone loves you, you lose that right. I wont give anything
away till we have it all. I cant.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Lucy Burns: To pay the fine would be admitting guilt. We haven't
broken a law. Not one dollar!

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Alice Paul: I was put in a straight jacket and taken to the
psychopathic ward. I could not see my family or friends, counsel
was denied me. I saw no other prisoners and heard nothing of them.
I could see no papers. Today I was force fed for the third time, I
refused to open my mouth. My left nostril, throat, and muscles of
my neck are very sore. I vomit continuously during the process.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Lucy Burns: Dont you ever want to get married?
Alice Paul: Im busy that day.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Emily Leighton: I really don't follow politics, Ms. Burns. I haven't
the head for it.
Lucy Burns: Were citizens or were chattel: you don't really need a
degree from Harvard to figure that out.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Movie patron: Would you please be quiet?
Alice Paul: My sister is blind; I have to read her the subtitles.
[Inez starts flailing her arms in front of her when she stands up,
pretending to be blind]

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Lucy Burns: I can see it now. Im gonna end up back in Brooklyn with
a hairless cat. Called Lester.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Alice Paul: [on the phone] Helen Kellers in town. Arrange for me to
meet her. [pause] No I dont know what hotel. [pause] Well shes
deaf and blind. If she found it, Im sure you can.

Movie Name: Iron Jawed Angels (2004)

Alice Paul: Im having dinner with Helen Keller.
Ben Weissman: Dont stare, she hates that.

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Iron Jawed Angels

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Iron Jawed Angels (2004) is a highly acclaimed film about the American women's rights movement during the early 1900s produced by HBO Films.

Writen by Jennifer Friedes Sally Robinson. Directed by Katja von Garnier.

Votes for women.



[edit] Alice Paul

  • "A vote is a fire escape"

  • "When you're alone you can make any choice you want. But when someone loves you, you lose that right. I won't give anything away until we have it all. I can't"

  • "We're legitimate citizens. We're taxed without representation. We're not allowed to serve on juries so we're not tried by our peers. It's unconscionable, not to mention unconstitutional. We don't make the laws but we have to obey them like children."

  • "You ask me to explain myself. I'm just wondering, what needs to be explained? It should be very clear. Look into your own heart—I swear to you, mine is no different. You want a place in trade and profession where you can earn your bread; so do I. You want the means of self-expression; so do I. You want to satisfy your own personal ambitions; so do I. You want a voice in the government in which you live; so do I. So what is there to explain?"

  • " 'I believe the might of America is the love of its people for the Freedom of Mankind' Woodrow Wilson, March 6, 1915.

  • 'We have forgotten the history of the country when we have forgotten to agitate when it is necessary' Woodrow Wilson, September 8, 1916.

  • "Liberty is a retractable thing to which no bounds ought to be set' Woodrow Wilson, A Message to Congress.

'There is nothing in liberty unless it is translated into definite action.' July 4th, 1914, Woodrow Wilson"

[edit] Lucy Burns

  • "To pay the fine would be admitting guilt . We haven't broken a law. Not one dollar!"

[edit] Woodrow Wilson

  • "This war could not be fought by America if it had not been for the services of women. We have made partners of the women in the war. Shall we make them partners of only suffering and sacrifice and toil, and not a partnership of privilege and right? I know the magic it will work in their thoughts and their spirits if you give this thing to them that is mere justice. We shall need their moral sense to preserve what is right and what is fine and worthy in our system of life. Be assured that the voices of the radicals who agitate and disrupt have no influence here today. The task of woman lies at the very heart of the war and I know how much stronger that heart will beat if you do this just thing and show our women that you trust them, as much as you in fact depend on them. We shall deserve to be distrusted if we do not enfranchise them with the fullest possible enfranchisement as it is now certain the other free and great nations will enfranchise theirs. Have I said that the passage of this amendment is a vitally necessary war measure? And do you need further proof?"

[edit] Dialogue

Alice Paul: I'm not a man.
Inez Mulholland: Ever wish you were?
Alice Paul: Once, when I saw my brother peeing his name in the snow.

[edit] Quotations on Banners

  • "Mr. President, How long must women wait for liberty?"

  • "We demand an am

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Suspect in I-90 Murder was given Custody of Baby Despite Conviction as Drug Dealer

http://blog. cleveland. com/metro/ 2010/05/post_ 288.html


By Harlan Spector, The Plain Dealer

May 13, 2010, 5:40AM

stephon davis.jpgView full sizeMarvin Fong / The Plain DealerStephon Davis, standing behind public defender Kathleen DeMetz, appears for his arraignment in Cleveland Municipal Court on April 14.CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cuyahoga County's child-welfare department helped convicted drug dealer Stephon Davis get custody of his infant son 12 days before an attack in which prosecutors say he robbed, beat and strangled a 28-year-old woman and dumped her body along Interstate 90.

Deborah Forkas, director of the Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services, acknowledged the agency made mistakes after it handed Davis custody of the 10-month-old boy in March. A supervisor and an agency worker face discipline, she said.

Previous coverage

Woman found on interstate beaten, strangled

Cleveland man arrested in connection with death of woman

Suspect was wanted on several warrants

More stories on Stephon Davis

Though the department could not have anticipated the crime with which Davis is now charged, Forkas said, it failed to take into account his criminal background when it asked the juvenile court to approve custody.

Davis, 30, had been convicted in state and federal courts of drug trafficking.

And the child-welfare agency was unaware that he had been convicted in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court at age 14 of slaying his aunt's boyfriend. The agency learned of the juvenile case after Davis was arrested in the April 5 killing of Angel Bradley-Crockett.

The agency also was unaware that about the same time Davis was getting custody of his son, other case workers were filing court papers in a case of a newborn believed to have been fathered by Davis, saying that he was a convicted drug trafficker and a drug addict, with a history of domestic violence.

The county in that case took custody of the baby in February because the mother abused crack and the baby was born with cocaine in his system. An agency worker wrote that her supervisor had heard that Davis was smoking drugs with the mother when her water broke.

"He told her to hit [the pipe] one more time and then dropped her off at the hospital," the case worker wrote.

Latesha Santos.jpgView full sizeCuyahoga County JailLatesha SantosIn the case of the 10-month-old, the agency was telling the court that Davis had enrolled in business school at Cleveland State University, he had completed parenting classes and he was raising a 6-year-old daughter. It said Davis should have custody of the baby.

"Dad feels empowered to care for his son," the agency wrote in February. "Dad has surrounded himself with family and community supports in becoming the legal guardian of this child. Dad has reported six months of sobriety."

An addiction counselor whom Davis was seeing as a condition of federal probation also told the agency that Davis was sober and able to parent, Forkas said.

Davis had served prison time for a 2004 federal cocaine-trafficking conviction. Forkas said the federal case alone should have disqualified Davis from receiving custody.

A person who has not been a custodial parent must be free of felony entanglements for 10 years before becoming eligible, she said. The oversight was the basis for worker discipline, she said. She declined to disclose the nature of the discipline.

The 10-month-old's mother is Latesha Santos, who is also charged with the murder and robbery of Bradley-Crockett. The county had taken custody of the baby after birth because Santos was drug addicted and in jail, according to court records. Davis filed for custody of the boy in November.

The case comes to light as the department faces heightened scrutiny over whether it's doing enough to protect children in high-risk situations. Some in the child-welfare and court systems question privately whether the agency is pushing harder to keep children with biological families or reunite them for economic reasons. The department has slashed millions from its budget and cut hundreds of workers the past two years.

County officials say the emphasis on reuniting families is not about money but is an accepted practice. The county in recent years has cut foster care placements by the thousands.

Forkas in April appointed an independent panel to review agency practices, after two mothers who had been involved with the department were charged with killing their children. In another case, two toddler boys were found starving in their mother's house in March, eight months after being reunited with the woman.

In the Davis cases, Forkas said the agency was unaware of two custody filings because there are two different mothers and Davis' name was entered into a state computer system with different spellings.

"There was no way for us to know that we had two cases open," said Forkas. She said the state database that went online in 2008 is difficult to work with.

Juvenile Court Judge Kristin Sweeney, who presided over both cases, said she could not comment because the cases remain open.

After Davis' arrest in the April slaying, the county returned to juvenile court and took emergency custody of the baby boy, who is now in foster care.

A lawyer for Davis and a court-appointed guardian for the baby did not return telephone calls.

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We are coming President and Mrs. Obama…..will you listen?


We are coming President and Mrs. Obama…..will you listen?

Two rallies in one month regarding children being placed into the hands of their abusers and/or their Mothers abusers. What does this say to our President as he was presented last week with a silent vigil on Mothers Day. We are coming Mr. President…..will you listen?????


There have been many dodgy campaigns in the so called “rights for children”, but are in reality only there for the sole purpose of securing the child as though they were a piece of property.  Statistics can be skewed all they like, but at the end of the day most children are better off with their mothers after divorce.  Nature knows it, criminologists know it and deep down we all knew it, but because the shared parenting campaign sold as well as the renown pyramid scheme – we all fell for it.  Religious commentators might say that it was like scientists “playing god”, but in this case it was male supremacists, robbing motherhood. 

In their own sense of paranoid delusions, they thought that single motherhood was an “invasion of feminism”, but its not.  Its mothers working extremely hard through all of the hate set against them to raise their children to become strong and good human beings.  That is all, no matter how one tries to paint it, there is no more. 

Now, because children’s rights have never been so appalling along with women’s rights, mothers have embraced feminism like never before.  The support every year for the white ribbon campaign grows every year and more people, whether men’s groups like it or not are beginning to see through the FRs hatred and propaganda.  I can be very thankful to learn that Australians are certainly not a dumb country as much as these vial groups represent. 

The more violent incidents against women and children, the more people begin to know who is the real problem.  The continued support by dads in distress, dads on air members and even fathers4equality of a known perpetrator is a statement in itself that reveals what this group is truly about: Its not about and never was about men’s rights – it was abusers rights. 

The right to conceal, the right to punish victims, the right to continue their terror unchallenged and most of all: The right to have judicial authority to continue to do this.

Know that there is indeed a war on children and motherhood.

Know that a critical mass can stop this

Know that the courts are accomplices in some of the most disgusting crimes of the century beyond 9/11  If we put all of the victims of this child and mother massacre: it would be classified as the greatest act of terror and genocide by the state and its actors.

Posted via web from australiansharedparentingdebate’s posterous

Entry Filed under: Child Custody Issues,Child Custody for fathers,Children's Rights,Family Courts,activism,child abuse,domestic violence. Tags: custody, domestic violence, corruption,mothers, batterers, abusers, government corruption, battered women, abused, Violence,Rape, Judges, restraining orders, father rights, domestic abuse, abused children, bad fathers,misogynists, women haters, Title IV Grants, CPS, protective parent, abusive men, parental alienation, family court corruption, violence against women, president obama, pedophiles, pas,court whores, sexual abuse, maternal deprivation, killer fathers, Murder-Suicide, responsible fatherhood intiatitives, whitehouse, Rights For Mothers, Childrens Voice 4 Judicial Change.

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Iron Jawed Angels-Mothers of Lost Children March on Washington D.C. 2010

Mother's Day National March on White House and Congress Against ...

May 9, 2010 ... Mother's Day National March on White House and Congress Against ... NBC4 and Fox5 of Washington DC had reporters and cameras on location. ...



A Mother Does Not Forget Her Children: First March on Washington ...

May 8, 2010 ... May 9, 2010 7:50 am (Pacific time) ... I am with you all Today at the DC March--in Spirit. ... you for being there all these years as not only a mother, but a close friend. HappyMother's Day! ...

Mothers Of Lost Children To Gather For White House Vigil On Mothers Day


Mothers Of Lost Children To Gather For White House Vigil On Mothers Day

Connie Valentine 916-233-8381
Kathleen Russell 415-250-1180

12 Noon Press Conference with Grieving Moms from Across America

Mothers from across America who have lost their children because family courts ordered them into full custody or unsupervised visitation with their alleged abusers will [more...]



Battered Women Take Custody Battles to White House


Battered Women Take Custody Battles to White House

By Mary Darcy hyperlinked by Parenting News Network™

Battered mothers often shy away from publicity. But this year, in a sign of their growing organization, some plan to spend Mother’s Day in Washington in a White House vigil to draw attention to a court system that often gives custody to abusers.
(WOMENSENEWS)–On Mother’s Day, busloads [more...]


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Why do they always say “Tragedies” v the real fact that they “OUTRAGES” like they want to all sugar coat the epidemic of men murdering their families as if-What could have MADE ‘him’ do it (poor baby)? v he was a freeking sociopath and needs to NOT be Glorified..?

ahhh I recall the whole “family Preservation thing” right up till “Death do US Part” 

….and death indeed.

In every single murder suicide- I read- :

”he was such a nice guy”- “the family was quiet”-or, there were “health issue”—or “he” just lost his job- or he was going through a “custody battle”- or.. or.. or.. and the media bites this shit hook line and sink… Blame Every one and Every thing but the source- why must WE keep protecting those who murder?

Stop it- it is an Outrage- Crimes committed against others are NOT tragedies- they OUTRAGES!!


Murder-Suicide Reported At Winter Haven Hospital

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:02:05 AM

WINTER HAVEN -- A murder-suicide was reported in a patient's room at Winter Haven Hospital Monday afternoon.

Witnesses heard gunshots on the 5th floor of the hospital in the medical surgery unit, just after 1:20 p.m.

Police say a 77-year-old man shot his sick wife to death.

The patient was identified as 76-year-old Patrricia Duckworth. Her husband, Raymond Duckworth, 77, was visiting her. 

"It's a tragedy," said hospital vice president Joel Thomas. "Everybody here on our whole staff are obviously shaken. Our hearts go out to the family members who are affected here."

The hospital was not evacuated, but the floor where the shooting happened was locked down for most of Monday night.

This story is from our Bright House Networks partner, Bay News 9.

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Grandparents lose adoption fight to parents of man who murdered their daughter

by Randi James 

For the Children


When we talk about doing things for the children, in the best interest of the children, do we really have the children's long-term interest in mind? Will children of today grow up emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy? And who is the right person to make this decision?

We know who the wrong people are: judges and the tools of the family court. And we assume that mothers, in general, are the ones that should make this decision, though society and the court system thwarts this at every step.

But what about when the mother is dead? Who decides for her and her children?

Ask yourself this, if you were to be killed today, would you want your killer to get custody of your children? Would you want your killer's parents to get custody of your children (Grandparents lose adoption fight to parents of man who murdered their daughter)? We've seen both of these scenarios happen.

This following story is about a dead mother having funeral services with, and getting buried next to, the coward who killed her. This was her boyfriend and father of her children. The mother of this murdered mother is responsible for this set up. She insist that it is for the the children.

This is what justice for victims of domestic violence often looks like. What message does this send society? What message does this leave for these children?

Ahoskie father upset daughter killed in murder-suicide will be buried next to killer


6:30 PM EDT, May 4, 2010

Ahoskie, N.C. - The father of a domestic violence victim says his daughter's own family is victimizing her again by burying her next to the man who killed her.

The father of the victim reached out to NewsChannel 3 about his ex-wife's plans to combine the funerals for his daughter and her boyfriend who killed her.

Video: http://www.wtkr.com/videobeta/f0b98420-63a9-4db7-ad8a-581c14203446/News/Milton-Smith-does-not-agree-that-a-joint-funeral-should-be-held-for-his-daughter-and-her-killer

Milton Smith wrote, "I think this is very disrespectful to the Smith family and to the community for this man that killed my daughter to even be in the same church as my daughter. I would like to get someone to stop this funeral. I need your help."

"If Treeshanda knew that he was in the same church with her she would turn over in her casket," Smith said.

"I would like to see this funeral stopped."

Milton Smith is not prepared for a joint funeral tomorrow - for his 28-year-old daughter, Treeshanda Smith, and her 34-year-old boyfriend, Anthony Moore. Ahoskie police say Moore shot and killed Smith before killing himself.

"You think the last time you will ever see your daughter you don't want to look at him and he is the one that put her there," Milton said.

Milton says it was his ex-wife's idea to have Treeshanda and Anthony's funerals together for the sake of their two children. He wants the plans changed before tomorrow.

"Maybe they can take Tony and carry him to another church," Smith said.

Milton says his daughter's boyfriend killed her in a jealous rage. In 2006 he was arrested by Ahoskie police after she took out a domestic violence warrant. He says Treeshanda was trying to move on without Anthony. Milton says he has tried to plead with his ex-wife to change her mind. He even called the funeral home for help.

NewsChannel 3 spoke with Treeshanda's mother's side of the family off camera. They say they are thinking of the 5 and 10-year-old children. They say they are having the two buried at the same time in the same place so the children won't have to go through two funerals.

Milton said his ex-wife also has plans to have Treeshanda and Anthony buried side by side.

Smith added, "You going to take the man that killed your daughter in the same church at the same time and you gone bury her with him?"

Milton says it will be painful to visit his daughter's grave knowing that her killer is buried right next to her.


How old are these children? Will it be completely devastating for them to attend two funerals instead of one? Is it necessary that they attend their mother's killer's--their father's--funeral if they were to be separate?

Understand the argument that the mother is dead, and this is just a body. Understand that children need not suffer any more than they already have, or already are. Understand that in life, women are continuously judged (in the literal sense and otherwise) for how much they place their own interests beneath their children (this begins with conception)--but women do not reap any benefit from society at large for this sacrifice. Understand that for men, there is no such standard.

Does what is played out in life have to be repeated in death?

Again, what does this teach the children?

On another note:

Grandparents lose adoption fight to parents of man who murdered their daughter

SHEILA BURKE Associated Press Writer

1:39 PM CDT, May 10, 2010

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Tennessee Supreme Court has decided the parents of a man who murdered his estranged wife can adopt the couple's 9-year-old daughter, as opposed to the slain woman's parents.

The decision involved a custody battle over the child of a man who opened fire at the Tennessee Department of Transportation headquarters in Jackson in 2005. David Lynn Jordan was sentenced to death for the murders of his estranged wife, Donna Renee Jordan, and two others.

The unanimous decision held that people who don't have physical custody of a child can still adopt. The girl had been living with her mother's parents when a Madison County judge said her father's parents should be awarded custody.

Justices found that it was in the best interest of the child to live with the paternal grandparents because they had more financial and social resources.


No child should ever live with the killer of their mother or ANY MEMBER OF THAT FAMILY.

So what if they had more money. Their family should be ordered to pay the victim family restitution then.

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Florida Mother Slams Florida Family Courts for Turning Her from Stay-at-Home Primary Caregiver to Two Hour Weekly Visitor … Under Supervision … Over Allegations of Sexual Abuse of Daughters by Father




Posted by Janet Langjahr. Filed under Child Custody and Parental Responsibility, Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders, Visitation and Timesharing.

A Florida Mother relegated to two hours of supervised visitation weekly after alleging that their Daughters’ Father sexually abused them is drawing a fair amount of media attention.

Prior to the divorce, Mother was a stay-at-home mother and primary caregiver for Daughters.

When Daughters were approximately seven and eight years old, their school and Sunday school both are said to have reported that Daughters were acting out, speaking and drawing in a sexually explicit way.

Wealthy Father allegedly admitted to engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior with Daughters, but an expert witness reportedly characterized that behavior as “within normal limits”.

The court appointed custody evaluator (Evaluator) reportedly initially recommended that Mother be awarded primary timesharing with Daughters.

Days before trial, the Evaluator reportedly filed her report – late – in which the Evaluator reportedly did an about-face and now recommended that Father be awarded sole custody of Daughters.

The trial court apparently did not find Mother’s case persuasive and awarded Father almost one hundred percent timesharing with Daughters, limiting Mother to two hours of weekly timesharing … supervised.

It appears that Mother’s evidence and witnesses were largely excluded.

Mother appealed the trial court’s rulings.

On appeal, the intermediate appellate court reversed on one ground, because Mother was denied a continuance based on the late filing of the Evaluator’s report.

The case was remanded for a new trial, before the same judge.

The outcome at the re-trial was the same.

Read more in this Daily Kos article by Mother: Mothers Lose Custody for Reporting Sex Abuse and this intermediate level Florida appellate court opinion and this MomLogic article: Custody Feud: Fair Hearing Denied.

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Jacqueline Costadura needs your help to protect her daughter (Austin TX)

Be There: 200th Judicial Court, Austin, TX on June 7 @ 7:45AM

Posted by Anne Caroline Drake 

Brooklyn Jones

Jacqueline Costadura needs your help to protect her daughter Brooklyn from her wealthy, powerful abusive father.  

Gloria Cherry, the executive director of the Texas Council on Family Violence, has set up judicial education for Texas judges on the evils of Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).  But, it isn’t going to happen before June 7.   

What’s PAS?   

PAS is an insidious manipulation of the legal system as an instrument of abuse.  Fathers quickly realize they’ll go to jail for physical assaults on mothers.   

When they get out of jail, these guys are out for blood.  It doesn’t take them long to figure out that a much more effective way to terrorize and punish the mother is to launch a custody battle.  These monsters use their vulnerable, defenseless children like expendable pawns in a high-stakes, brutal game.   

Little Brooklyn must be absolutely terrified.  She witnessed her father try to kill his ex-wife.  She knows her daddy spent only two hours in jail for attempted murder.   

Because Ms. Costadura refused to drop the criminal charges against her ex-husband, he carried out his threat to gain custody of little Brooklyn.   

Jacqueline Got Creamed by the System

Ms. Costadura’s ex-husband has the wealth and power to manipulate the legal system as an instrument of abuse.  He has a network of fellow PAS monsters to help him craft a brutal strategy to destroy his ex-wife.  

The mothers in PAS cases, however, have no place to go for shelter from this horrific abuse.  Most mothers lack the financial resources to fund litigation.  Most judges don’t recognize a PAS strategy.  

PAS cases are complex.  Most mothers get creamed by the system.  Ms. Costadura has contacted all the non-profits and legal aid organizations that are supposed to protect her in a futile quest to seek justice and help. 

Alone is a very terrifying place to be in the midst of a brutal PAS assault.  PAS monsters use every weapon in their exceedingly huge arsenal to terrorize the mothers until they have a nervous breakdown.  Then, they use this as evidence the mothers are unfit. 

Ms. Costadura’s only “crimes” are that she is fiercely protective of her daughter and she doesn’t have the money to fund a custody battle against her wealthy, powerful ex-husband.  She has sacrificed everything ~ including her health ~ to try to protect little Brooklyn. 

Be There to Stand Tall with Jacqueline on June 7

It is time to take a stand against the injustice and brutality of PAS.   Ms. Costadura is making a statement on behalf of all mothers who valiantly fight to protect their precious children from abusive monsters.

Some of you know about Vernetta Cockerham’s victory after RitaAnita Linger, the former executive director of the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, packed the Yadkin County courtroomClaudine Dombrowski followed in her footsteps and finallygot a small measure of justice in her own PAS custody battle. 

Texas is a rugged state for women seeking justice.  I’ve asked Gloria Cherry at the Texas Council on Family Violence to support Ms. Costadura. 

If you live in the Austin, Texas area, please show up on June 7 at the 200th Judicial Court at 7:45 AM wearing purple and white.  Purple is the color of domestic violence.  White is for “silent no more.” 

If you have a web site or blog, please publish this post ~ help get the word out that Brooklyn Jones needs our protection.

Look for Dawn with Purple and White Balloons

Ms. Costadura’s friend Dawn will be outside the courthouse at 7:45 holding purple and white balloons and passing out ribbons.  The hearing to modify temporary orders will start at 8:35 AM ~ please click on the name of the courthouse to link to driving directions:

Travis County Courthouse
1000 Guadalupe, 5th Floor
Austin, Texas 78701

Please be there if you can to stand tall for justice and to protect Brooklyn.  Thanks in advance!

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SILENT VIGIL AT WHITE HOUSE: Mothers of Lost Children

I highly recommend that you go the original article for the awesome awesome job they did inputting videos and more! Job well done Salem, OR.!! Perhaps the rest of the country/world will take your fine lead!


Coral Anika Theill Salem-News.com

"Historical responsibility is defined as an individual’s answerability for committing or failing to commit acts that would have affected the outcome of any given situation.” - Lucy Dawidowicz

The Rosenstraße today

The Rosenstraße today: the building in which the detainees were held no longer exists. A rose colored Litfaß column commemorates the event. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosenstrasse_protest

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Nurturing and loving mothers losing permanent custody of their children is such depressing subject matter. But we cannot indefinitely avoid depressing subject matter, particularly if it is true.

Coral's story in minimal words

Most individuals prefer not to hear the story of how a cultured people turned a blind eye to consenting to the "legal kidnapping of children through America's family courts" and how the majority of our society, consisting of cultured people, remained silent.

Losing permanent custody and visitation of your children feels like being doused in oil and set on fire. Healing is slow and difficult. The pain never goes away. One doctor describes removing a nursing infant from a mother similiar to castrating a man.

Connie Valentine and other advocates for protective parents call the family courts broken and corrupt and say the system not only puts children into the hands of abusive parents, it also bankrupts and punishes the protective parents who fight for them.

Advocates realize that it is difficult to reform the system because the people it hurts are hiding from abusers and anxious to avoid publicity. (1)

Many of us live under address confidentiality programs for our safety due to escaping physical and sexual violence in our marriages.

In 1994, Mothers of Lost Children http://mothers-of-lost-children.com was formed by a group of Davis, California women, whose children had been abused. Their children's lives were devastated, not only by the abusers, but by the very governmental and private agencies designed to protect them. Similiar to my own experiences and others ncadv.org/files/Bonshea.php, these women looked in vain for help, and found only betrayal.

Although from different faith practices, they began to meet each week in the park in silent protest to pray for their children. As "mothers of lost children," they believe there is a precedent for success in protecting captives through spiritual and ethical means.

Mothers of Lost Children found a role model in the actions of a small group of German women who, in 1943, began a vigil that grew to a group one thousand strong, to protest the imprisonment of their Jewish husbands. They called themselves "The Rose Street Women,"offbeattravel.com/rosenstrasse-monument-berlin-germany.html and stood defiant, refusing Nazi orders to leave the site where their husbands were held.

The SS troops waited six days before giving in to the Rose Street Women and releasing twenty-five men, already tattooed and bound for Auschwitz. The February 27, 1993 Sacramento Bee article noted, "It's still unclear why the Nazis buckled to the Rose Street Women."

Mothers of Lost Children relate to the persistence of "The Rose Street Women."

Mothers of Lost Children are inspired by all individuals who "give voice to the violence" throughout the world.

"Peace is Loud", Pray the Devil Back to Hell

We understand Alice Walker's wise words, "Resistance is the secret of joy, we should challenge whatever oppresses us, anything we love can be saved, the way forward is with a broken heart, we should lead and not project on others what they should do for us, and we are the ones we have been waiting for." See the film, "Peace is Loud", Pray the Devil Back to Hell.

In my own research and studies, I found a profound quote on responsibility and accountability in Lucy Dawidowicz’s book, “War Against the Jews.” Her words accurately portray how I feel. I believe that many of the injustices of innocent people in this country are a result of specific individuals, especially those in power, ignoring their own responsibility in given situations.

Dawidowicz writes: “Responsibility means accountability or answerability for one’s actions and their consequences. Historical responsibility is defined as an individual’s answerability for committing or failing to commit acts that would have affected the outcome of any given situation.”

When my children are adults and ask me what I did to help them, I will tell them, “I spoke the truth.” When they ask me why my case remained unchallenged, I hope I don’t have to tell them, “Nobody cared.”

No matter what the court had decided, I put the beautiful memories I had of my children in a sacred place. Each one of my children had shown me a new and beautiful universe through his/her eyes. As a mother, each day was a journey of new experiences and new joys. I am still in awe in the gift of motherhood and am grateful for the days, months, and years I shared with each one of my children.

I will continue to share my truths in a legal and "non violent" manner. Non-violence does not threaten. Non-violence "leans" until something, someday "moves."

I believe in seeking to defeat injustice, not people.

I believe that the Universe is on the side of "justice" and that right will prevail.

"Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. Sometimes we must interfere. When human lives are endangered, when human dignity is in jeopardy, national borders and sensitivities become irrelevant. Wherever men or women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must–at that moment–become the center of the universe." - Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel

In my quiet times, I still feel moments of raw pain from my past. I look at it for what it is, a catalyst for me to find the sacredness of my inner being–to realize more of myself and who I truly am. I believe how we think and act and how beautifully our spirit responds to our challenges is all that matters. I believe "The Gift of Healing is Our Birthright."

In Closing: A Dedication to all "Mothers of Lost Children" (2)

I received this letter of encouragement last month from one of my readers.

Kathleen Sullivan, a clinical therapist in Chattanooga, Tennessee, wrote, "Even if your children choose not to have further contact with you (that is always our greatest fear as estranged parents); it doesn't mean that our children won't know -unconsciously at the minimum - that they are cherished and loved by someone outside their lives with the perpetrators. They may not be able to remember that we were the source of that love, but they will still have a strong sense that it's out there. They may equate the big, powerful outside with a god or goddess; that's okay. It still works to help them to feel truly loved, and protected, and cared about - in the most secret compartment of their soul, where it is not touched by any invader.

"Even if our children are too young to remember when they're removed from us, or if they have been brainwashed by their new caregivers to think of us as other than who we really are - and criminal sociopaths are usually quite good at that - our children's earliest sensory memories of our love and nurturing will remain a mental/emotional protective factor for the rest of their lives.

"I've learned enough about childhood neurobiological development and secure attachment to understand why it happens that way. Our conscious memories of our parents' love - if we experienced such love - may fade away completely or be suppressed out of necessity to conform with our new family system and keep them from turning on us in anger. Still, the neurobiological/sensory imprint of our parents' love is like a fossil imprinted deeply in a dense rock. The nonverbal neurological/sensory imprint remains for life and is a part of everything we are and do; even if we're completely aware of its influence.

"Nobody can erase the imprint without killing us because the imprint of love is strong, more natural, and more resilient than the effects of human evil. And so, even if you are not able to connect with your children now; you've already given them their most important protective factor: "early-onset" love and nurturing." - Kathleen A. Sullivan, MSW

I hope by sharing my story, the consciousness and awareness of society will be raised and the quality of life will improve in America. As a mother, I long for a safe and healthy society for my children to grow up in.

I continue to envision a society that resonates compassion, unconditional love, peace and non-judgment to one another. I continue to believe in imminent possibilities, miracles, surprises and ONE FINE DAY!

(2) and to the nurturing and loving fathers and grandparents who have also loss their children and grandchildren through America's Family Court System.

Suggested reading:

(1) Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Child Custody: Legal Strategies and Policy Issues by Dr. Maureen Hannah and Barry Goldstein, J.D, published by Civic Research Institute, Inc., Kingston, New Jersey, Copyright 2010,

ISBN 1-887554-76-9



Names like Judge Albin Norblad and Judge Paula Brownhill were mentioned many
times, as frequent contributors to Oregon's family and court related issues

“For years custody courts have confidently denied complaints by mothers of unfair treatment in domestic violence cases. If the court system had commissioned research to determine how the present practices are working, the result would be the information contained in Domestic Violence, Abuse and Child Custody. The research findings demonstrate court practices are outdated and their confidence misplaced. Wise judges will use the up-to-date research now available to take a fresh look at practices and assumptions deeply ingrained after thirty years. No one wants to be known as the judge who hurts children and this research can prevent the kinds of tragic outcomes we see too frequently.” - Judge Sol Gothard, JD, MSW, ACSW, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal, State of Louisiana (ret.)

Woman, Church and State: A Historical Account of the Status of Woman Through the Christian Ages with Reminiscences of the Matriarchate by Matilda Joslyn Gage, 1893, reprinted by Arno Press Inc, 1972

"The scope, breadth, depth, and powerful, no-holdsbarred writing style make Woman, Church, and State my favorite book of all that I have reviewed. It has taken academia, and only the most radical, feminist pockets of academia at that, 100 years to catch up with her. If this work was published today, it would be considered radical. As I read this work, I laughed, I cried, and I grew angry. You cannot walk away from this work without having strong emotions - whether positive or negative, for good or bad, is for you to say. Many of the ideas that it contains are I at first considered too radical. But, often, after some reflection, I had to admit that she spoke the truth.

I urge everyone to read Gage's Woman, Church, and State in its entirety. pinn.net/~sunshine/gage/mjg.html

Peaceful silent vigil at the White House in Washington DC bit.ly/92RIVB

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence October 2009 Newsletter- Coral's Life story ncadv.org/files/Bonshea.php


May-08-2010: A Mother Does Not Forget Her Children: First March on Washington for Mothers of Lost Children - Coral Anika Theill Salem-News.com

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