Shawnee County Commissioners: Shelley Buhler, Ted Ensley, Mary Thomas- Refuse to fund Domestic Violence Cases but prioritize golf course irrigation and personal profitable interests. A Special Interest Group-only.

Who is overseeing you? The Shawnee County Commissioners - Shelly? Ted? and Mary? 

We need an audit into these 3 people who control all the funding in Topeka,Shawnee County, KS. Imagine, three people who have the qualifications of a high school graduate, controlling all the money in the county without any oversight without any accountability but with plenty of personal vested interest with the ‘departments’ they fund—or defund. e.g  Golf course irrigation contract approved

But when these three Gestapo ‘puppet’ Nazi’s do not get their way when they bully and screw the local tax payer, the citizens of Topeka and Shawnee county, what they do?

“Well they whine and cry of course.” Check out today's latest whine. Commissioners turn to AG, citing 'no faith' in DA inquiry

Shawnee County Commissioners Contact information:


S.Buhler@snco.us and buhlerfam87@yahoo.com





Shelly Buhler(S.Buhler@snco.us), Chair
District 1

Shelley Buhler aka ‘Michelle Buhler” Shelly Buhler | Facebook

Michele A Buhler

(785) 584-6617

503 W Maple Ct

Rossville, KS 66533-9783


Husband, Stephen R Buhler and Son, Mitchell Buhler


Mary M. Thomas(M.Thomas@snco.us)
District 2

Mary Thomas--- best friend to Vic Millers ex wife-(give’s new meaning to ‘keeping it in the family)

Mary M Thomas

3511 SE Tomahawk Ct

Topeka, KS 66605-3133




Larry J Thomas, Dana Thomas


Ted Ensley(T.Ensley@snco.us), Vice Chair
District 3

Ted Ensely aka ‘Theodore D. Ensley’ better known for his ‘county funded’ Ensley Gardens

    Ted D Ensley (Democrat)

    (785) 478-2030

    2500 SW Rother Rd

    Topeka, KS 66614-4746




    Elna N Ensley

    Theodore D Ensley


Now, I ask, how in the hell can these three people wield so much power with out any transparency, accountability or oversight?

Final Budget for 2012 County budget line items indicated:

  • 27 budgets were cut,
  • 18 were increased and
  • 9 were unchanged.

I will find which is what. (If I can, the very last thing I wanted was to delve into local politics) We all already know that the Criminal, Justice, District Attorney and even the county Morgue were ‘cut’.

We have been able to ascertain that the golf course, the parks and recreation, the Ensley gardens, Public library, Expo Center were not, and some in fact increased.

We, just want you to know, Shelly, Ted and Mary, that we are calling you out. We demand that you and your commission be investigated. We are tired of your lack of prioritizing when it comes to public safety and we will not tolerate it any more.

The Community, the Victims and the Survivors are behind only one person in all this mess. Chad Taylor, the District attorney. The Topeka City Council sold us out when they ‘decriminalized domestic violence’, the Commissioners started the sell out with cuts to DA – only to have Vic Miller resign same day to take a judge position with the city. Now the Commission continues to throw tantrums?

Their is much more going on with the City Interim Manager, City Council and the Shawnee County Commission, and it stinks.


NO WAY OUT BUT ONE: a story of love and justice by Garland Waller and Barry Nolan



Project Update #14: From Boston Magazine: ‘No Way Out But One’ to Unveil at MIT

Posted by Garland Waller and Barry Nolan Like


A compelling new documentary debuts in Boston this week that will open your eyes to a stunning injustice. No Way Out But One was co-written and directed by Emmy award winning television producer Garland Waller, currently a professor at Boston University. Waller, a friend and former colleague of mine at WBZ-TV, asked me to go to San Diego in August to critique the unfinished doc at a conference on domestic violence.

The film follows a case that gained international attention 10 years ago when a divorced mother made the FBI’s Most Wanted List for kidnapping her children from their father and escaping overseas.

Holly Collins, a battered wife living in Minnesota, divorced her husband but lost custody of her kids when the family court deemed she was so traumatized by the abuse that her parenting skills were questionable. The court also ignored evidence her ex-husband severely beat the children, even cracking his young son’s skull. In interviews with the children, now young adults, we hear about the emotional and physical cruelty they endured while living with their father. Collins took her kids and ran.

The film details their harrowing escape, how Collins eluded security at the airport pre-9/11, and how she and her children eventually became the first Americans ever granted asylum in the Netherlands.

But Collins is one of the lucky ones. She and her family (including her daughter, Jennifer, who’s director of the Courage Kids Network, which helps abused children) are now back in the U.S. and plan to attend the screening at 7 p.m. Thursday on MIT campus, room 6-120. Co-producers Waller and Barry Nolan will also be there. (Full disclosure: Nolan is a Boston Daily blogger.) Waller says she is thrilled the film was picked to lead off the new Chicks Make Flicks series, sponsored by Women in Film & Video/New England.

“I know it’s not a pleasant subject, talking about child abuse and having to acknowledge that the American family court system isn’t protecting abused children, but perhaps once people realize what is happening they can initiate change,” Holly Collins said.

It takes courage to put the spotlight on an issue that a flawed system would prefer be left in the shadows. No Way Out But One persuasively makes the case for much-needed change.

    Care to comment? View this update on Kickstarter →




    SOMEONE SAVED MY LIFE TONIGHT – It Wasn’t Topeka and their “Lack of Stand’ on Domestic Violence

    In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month we want the world to know that we are here… we always have been.  It was only up until recently with the ‘slap in the face’ against domestic violence survivors and victims in Topeka Kansas that our voices have only gotten louder.  We honor our fallen sisters who were not as lucky as we are to have survived a relationship.  We have faith in knowing they are guiding us as we preserve their memory.  Many are now gone but not forgotten, this is for you. http://www.topeka.org/cityofficials/Several Petitions here that have been making a difference, as well as all their contact info Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas Contact #’s

    highly urge you to sign the petitions for the demand of City Council to stop ‘bitch slapping’ DV victims, and to HIGHLY encourage and DEMAND that the Shawnee County Commissioners Shelly Buhler, Ted Ensley and Mary Thomas to Start prioritizing PUBLIC SAFETY and reinstate funding cut from all of Topeka’s DA, prosecutors, Sherriff and even the morgue.

    Cut instead the funding from parks and recreation. Ted Ensley’s Parks and Gardens, to including but definetly NOT limited to: the Expo Center, the Fancy Public Library, 400K for a new Irrigation System for County Golf Course, several 250K per round-abouts...(sadly this list goes on and on…)

    I strongly urge you to watch this 20/20 Diane Sawyer report on Domestic Violence.

    This is the NORMAL for a Victim/Survivor – (However,She was the lucky one.) The System worked for her, 90% of DV Victims do not walk away with their lives – or as the walking dead-without her children. 

    1 in 4 Women are in or have been in a DV situation as below. 1 in 2 people will know someone who is or has been a DV Situation – or what it really is “Coercive Control” a fundamental loss of life, liberty, and human rights.

    The Courts the System, the Community has failed to Support the women in their lives.


    by mamaliberty

    This woman saved my life. When I was in a violent relationship I saw the particular story on Oprah. I recognized myself in these videos, trying had to be quiet to prevent his hands on me.  The judge who sentenced this abuser was emotional when describing what he saw in that video of Susan.  I wonder what did he see?  Did he realize that domestic violence is far more damaging of a crime than originally thought?  Do we really have the equal protection under law?  We as survivors of intimate partner violence have come a long way.  Just like Susan, I am a far cry from the subservient battered slave I once was.

    If it were not for Susan and the countless other of survivors that have found their voice and share their story to the world to let us know, we are not alone, we are not crazy and you too can survive!  My work on this blog and elsewhere has led me down a path filled with love and empowerment.  My hope for the future is that all women will be protected as every human deserves.  Since we cannot eradicate “abuse” it is up to law enforcement and the judiciary to be well-informed and educated on the subject of domestic violence.  We have not only shattered that proverbial glass ceiling we are coming through it in masses.

    You are not alone, your sisters are all around you, come find us!