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(KS) Daughter Behind Bars for an SRS 'MISTAKE' Bambi Hazen Fighting for her daughter's RIGHTS


WICHITA, Kansas -- Ashton Baker was 11 years old when her family took its last portrait together. Now, 15, her life is a long way from picture perfect.

Late last Friday night, police took her from her mother's home and placed her in the Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Facility. She didn't see her mother again until Tuesday morning at her first court appearance.

"It's hard for me because I see my daughter in handcuffs and shackles for something she never did when you can see all these other criminals walking the streets on parole and probation," said Bambi Baker-Hazen, Ashton's mother.

It all started back in 2008 when administrators at Wilbur Middle School reported Ashton truant -- even though her mother says the school had a faxed notification from the state that she was home-schooling her.

The family's problems escalated when her father reported that she ran away when she went to her mother's house. The state placed Ashton in the Wichita Children's home where she spent 47 days before running away from there.

The case got national attention after Hazen refused to tell a judge where he daughter was.

"I said, 'Okay, handcuff me,' and they did," she said.

Hazen spent seven days in jail. Now, a year-and-a-half later, court documents show Ashton is being held on those original truancy charges.

Baker says since her daughter has a history of running, she is remaining in custody.

"This is injustice at its best," Hazen said.

But victims' advocates question Ashton's treatment.

"We have a right to speak out and when our rights are taken away, because we speak justice and we're concerned about our family and then this level of retaliation is allowed," said Juanita Blackmon with Justice Keepers of Wichita.

A spokesperson for Sedgwick County says the restraints are standard procedure, and even though Ashton's mother has made the case public, they don't feel it's in the best interest of the child to comment.

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Domestic Violence 20/20 News




---J U S T I C E   W A N T E D ---


...We are not complaining, in this place, about a simple problem of discrimination against women in litigation. From this place, we are cautioning the public about a serious situation of maltreatment of women in litigation when these women are mothers. ~Veronique W.



"If so, what does that relationship look like?" -Eric Holder*

*Former judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia (Photograph clickable)



Listen to '08 Speech that Took Out Judge Finch & '09 Speech that Took Down Judge Wiggins-Lyles YOUR VOICE CAN MATTER TOO IN DECEMBER OF 2010!!No custody judge in Virginia should expect to get away with behaving like a bully. PERIOD.



“A court where moms rule.” -Ann Gerhart*

*Commentary appearing Sunday, May 16, 2010, Outlook section, Washington Post (Photograph clickable)



Be There: Travis County Courthouse June 7th and Becky Beaver: Why does she represent Brooklyn’s father?



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Peaceful Silent Vigil at The White House in Washington DC on 9 May 2010 Mother’s Day. ...A cottage industry of mental health professionals and attorneys with cozy relationships with family court judges routinely bankrupt families with enormous court-ordered fees and often recommend that children be placed with their sexually or physically abusive fathers. Family court judges frequently ignore evidence of abuse, refuse to hear direct testimony from the children, and rubberstamp their cronies’ recommendations. Nurturing mothers are forced to pay costly fees to attend supervised visits with the children they raised, watching helplessly as their children continue to report abuse by their abusers to uncaring visitation monitors. Mothers who speak out about system failure often face judicial retaliation and lose what little time they have with their children. The unregulated cottage industry churns away, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to experts, while some of the worst cases settle only when the children turn 18. This is a national epidemic that is destroying families across America.




J U S T I C E . . W A N T E D .


A jilted husband is believed to have burst into his estranged wife’s workplace and stabbed her


Story Image


Wednesday June 2,2010

By Rod Mills

A JILTED husband is believed to have burst into his estranged wife’s workplace and stabbed her to death before trying to take his own life.

Two firefighters tried to grapple with Sheikh Saine as he launched the frenzied attack on spouse Fatou in a busy city centre newsagent.

But paramedics who raced to the branch of McColl’s in St Enoch Square, Glasgow, discovered Mrs Saine already dead.

Shoppers and staff watched in horror as Saine plunged a knife into the 38-year-old shop manageress’s chest.

Witnesses said he then stabbed himself in the stomach before being restrained and taken to hospital. Detectives were last night thought to be waiting to question him at Glasgow Royal ­Infirmary, where his condition was described as “serious but stable”.

Strathclyde Police, who have launched a murder inquiry, refused to confirm that the attacker and his victim were related. But it is understood they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident. Firemen, who had been carrying out fire safety inspections nearby, rushed to the woman’s aid as the attack unfolded.

They wrestled the man to the ground and disarmed him as he tried to stab himself in the apparent murder-suicide bid. The pair gave the dying woman first aid as emergency services rushed to the scene, but paramedics were unable to save her and she died at the scene.

It is thought the couple split last year and their son is being cared for by grandparents in the family’s native West Africa. A source said: “The two fire officers managed to get the knife off him and then tried to give the woman first aid to try to save her, but she was too badly injured.

“They had been on duty and in uniform at the time, they were carrying out fire safety inspections in the area.” Mrs Fatou is thought to have worked at McColl’s for some time, but it is not known if her husband had also worked for the chain. Another member of staff and  several customers who were in the shop at the time of the murder were uninjured in the attack.


Passers-by spoke of seeing a bleeding man being stretchered out of the shop. Paul Dale, 24, from Springburn, Glasgow, who was outside a pub just yards away, said: “A man was brought out on a stretcher and looked to be unconscious. He was covered in blood and had a big patch over his stomach. It was frightening to see.”

A female staff member at a nearby Crepe a Croissant said: “We know a lady who works there. She was saying he was stalking the girl. One of the workers came in here for some clingfilm, I think to try and stop the blood.” Saine, said to be in his 40s, is believed to have lived in Greenock, Inverclyde, with his wife until last October, when they separated.

A police spokeswoman said a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal. A spokesman for McColl’s said: “We are aware of the incident. Police are carrying out investigations and we are co-operating fully.”

Ricardo Marrero, 44, shot 32-year-old Kelly Abrams and turned the gun on himself, police said.

Police release name of suspected shooter in murder-suicide

The Cape Coral Police Department has released the name of a man involved in an apparent murder-suicide on Saturday.

According to witnesses who spoke to police, Ricardo Marrero, 44, shot 32-year-old Kelly Abrams and turned the gun on himself, police said.

Marrero's name had been withheld until police were able to contact his family.

Police called to 2731 S.W. 2nd Lane at 4:10 p.m. Saturday found the bodies of Abrams and Marrero, both with gunshot wounds.

A preliminary investigation conducted by officers found the two were living together at the residence on S.W. 2nd Lane and that the shootings followed a domestic dispute.

Witnesses told police Abrams was attempting to end the relationship and, while the two argued in a back bedroom, Marrero shot Abrams and then himself.

After hearing gunshots, the witnesses fled the residence and called 911. Police aren't releasing the names of the witnesses at this point in the investigation.

Captain Lisa Barnes, south district commander for CCPD, said Monday the investigation is on-going.

Friends believe jealousy behind New Albany murder-suicide

Victim’s car, house recently vandalized, roommate ‘stalked’

By MATT THACKERMatt.Thacker@newsandtribune.com

NEW ALBANY — Just hours before being fatally shot on Friday, 27-year-old Clayton Wrege, of New Albany, posted a message on Facebook that he intended to seek a restraining order against the man who investigators believe later killed him in an apparent murder-suicide.
Wrege believed Hugh Bellis-Jones, 25, of Louisville, had vandalized his vehicle and home and had been stalking his roommate.
The bodies of Wrege and Bellis-Jones were found just before 5 p.m. in the front yard of 108 Greendale Dr. in New Albany, where Wrege lived with Bellis-Jones’ ex-girlfriend. According to Floyd County Coroner Dr. Leslie Knable, Wrege was shot multiple times before Bellis-Jones turned the gun on himself.
New Albany Police Department officers were called to the scene originally for a domestic dispute but then learned shots were fired.
Police are still not releasing many details of the investigation, but several messages posted by Wrege on the popular social networking website Facebook offer clues as to a possible motive.
Wrege wrote on May 17 that someone slit his tire and keyed his Jeep while it was in his driveway. He then wrote on May 25 that someone keyed and slit all the tires to the car belonging to his roommate, Bellis-Jones’ ex-girlfriend. He said his house was also covered in paint.
Wrege, still not knowing who was the culprit, asked if anyone had information about the crime. By Friday, the day of the shooting, Wrege believed he knew who was responsible.
“I just had the police called on me because someone can't get over my roomate not wanting him anymore! GROW UP DUDE LEAVE ME AND MY THINGS ALONE!!” he wrote shortly after 2 p.m.
He wrote that Bellis-Jones was “border line stalking” her and asked if anyone had seen the film “Fatal Attraction” in which a man and his family are stalked by an ex-lover.
A friend commented that Wrege should request a restraining order, and Wrege responds that he believes that will be the next step.
Kirk Sowders, 30, of New Albany, said he was part of a tight group of friends that included Wrege.
“He’s a stand-up guy, very nice, very outgoing, will do anything for anybody,” said Kirk Sowders. “He was the life of the party all the time, always cool with everybody.”
Sowders said Wrege and his friends did not even really know Bellis-Jones. They are still in shock.
The group of friends went on a snowboarding trip in January. After that trip, Wrege offered to let Bellis-Jones’ ex-girlfriend move into his house.
“All this stuff just started escalating,” Sowders said.
He said, that just a day or two before the shooting, Bellis-Jones called his ex-girlfriend’s parents in Texas and told them lies about Wrege so that they would travel to New Albany to check on their daughter. He said they were at Wrege’s house when Bellis-Jones showed up and started waiving a gun.
“He was just jealous. Clay and (his roommate) weren’t even dating or anything,” Sowders said. “I think (Bellis-Jones) was on Facebook probably seeing pictures of them hanging out and probably took it the wrong way. People can put things together in their head and make believe whatever they want.”
NAPD Capt. Keith Whitlow said detectives are aware of the Facebook postings. He said that only the May 17 incident was reported to police.
“I don’t know how many times his property was vandalized,” Whitlow said. “There were multiple incidents they attributed to Jones, but the only one reported (to police) was a car vandalism on May 17.”
Whitlow said they are not seeking any other suspects in the shooting, but he said the investigation is ongoing. He says a report will be released, but it may not be for a while.
The funeral for Wrege was held on Tuesday at St. Mark’s Church of Christ, and a benefit concert was held at MYbar in New Albany following the service. Half the proceeds went to Locks of Love, Sowders said.
“It’s still hard to believe it’s even real,” Sowders said. “If you knew him, you were friends for life.”

R.I.P Sherry Robinson. ♥ A Mother who finally won in Court – was Killed by the Father Of Her Child Two days Later

The Following is by her son Nickt Camui her funeral is today,I am asking all who see this and  read this to be with him on this very very painful day- the hardest thing about death- is for us whom remain –to live. And a MOTHER  wants only always for her children to live love and be happy. I know this from both ends. Hang in there Nickt- for your mom- hang in there baby!

R.I.P Sherry Robinson. <3


I woke up to the sound of footsteps on the kitchen floor and the sound of clashing cutlery, thinking that it was just my mom and that she was just getting a spoon for her coffee, I didn't think too much of the cutlery, but the steps were definately from someone wearing shoes, which triggered me. Being alert in bed, I just listened, and then suddenly I heard my mom scream, I don't recall exactly what she said.

At that point, I jumped out of my bed and ran to my mother's room, and in a flash of second stood at her door to see the situation, my moms ex-boyfriend, and my little brothers father was leering over her on her bed, my mom curled up and what seemed to be clutching her chest. I then ran to the side of the bed and pushed him off her, and into the window. (When I returned to the home after it had been cleaned up and stuff, I found that I had actually shattered half the entire window, so I hope it hurt.)

When he was pushed back, I noticed the knife, afraid, I decided to get out of there, I grabbed my mom and told her to run, pulling her off the bed when I began to run, I grabbed the phone and then went outside, she kept pushing me so that I was in front of her. We were outside, and I thought we were going to be okay, I looked behind me when I first stepped out and she was behind me, but when I looked behind me the second time, she had fallen to the ground.
Afraid and unable to think straight, I just began dialing the number for the police as the man, Bradley Irvin Carolus, followed us outside, unsure of what to do, I just ran a little up the road because I was scared. I then listened to him for about 10 minutes yell things to my mom, and yelling at me.

I also heard what I assumed to be him kicking my mom and hitting her. She had screamed when I began calling the police, screaming for someone to help, no one came outside, I didn't hear her after that...

When the police arrived, Brad was just standing there, they approached and asked him who he was, when he said his name, they approached to cuff him, cause I had told them on the phone I knew who it was. With flashlights they spotted my mom, and when they did, they slammed him to the ground and one officer got on his back, I then began walking away to a light post, to try and stop shaking and find the moon. I couldn't see it, so I began walking back.
When I got back they put the flash lights on me and asked who I was, I said my name and that I was the one who made the call, they asked if I was related and I told them that it was my mother. One officer then pulled me aside and said I didn't want to go over and see it, he sat me down, and at that point I noticed I had blood on my feet and on my hand.
Later when I was giving a statement I also found out that I had a bloodied hand print on the back of my shirt...(read less)

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Basic Instinct (Part 6 of 12): Man’s Ownership of HIS Family


From: The UnderGround Bible

In an ancient society, men beat their wives physically or just killed them.  This rude behavior sometimes led to the murder of the woman, whereas, in modern societies, men at best tolerate their misbehaving wives, or female partners, or daughters, until they decide to no longer tolerate them.  The result of deciding not to tolerate them is either abuse, divorce or abandonment.

Once a modern man reaches his threshold of tolerance, several results are possible.  The most extreme result is he murders the woman and possibly her children.  The least extreme is he leaves the woman and most times abandons the entire family including his own children.  In either case, ancient or modern, this behavior does not depend on actual facts.  It is imposed on the female mostly based on perception.

It doesn’t matter to a male whether or not evidence exists.  He only has to perceive it exists.  This brings us to the next level of trying to understand human behavior.

Why would a man kill the mother of his own children?  Why would a mother kill her own children?

Well, one basic reason is:  The male can never be sure the children are his; while the woman must get rid of the children to move onto the next male!  When we were animals, instinctively males and females procreated and didn’t care whether or not the child belonged to them, because we lacked the power of thinking and analyzing.  This idea of owning the child is a precursor to the idea of owning the woman.

If a man owns the woman, then he owns his children.  If ownership didn’t exist women would be free, but ownership does exist.

Governments produce the laws that protect the ownership of assets.  No one tolerates the stealing of an auto or goods. Yet, nothing protects a man’s ownership of his wife and children.  The proof of ownership is the production of children.  The ownership of a man’s family was once highly regarded as sacred and protected by law.  Today so called tolerant societies look the other way when a wife steals her husband’s children, or another male steals a man’s wife.

This is a very real problem, because instinct forces men to react.  Once a woman freely chooses a male for sex, he is overwhelmed by the instinct of ownership; and once the instinct of ownership kicks-in, the brain’s thoughts take over and convince the man of his ownership.  In the same way you own your car, he owns his woman and her children.  It doesn’t matter whether she is legally his wife, mistress or daughter.  Therefore, only he can release her from this bond.  In the same way he alone can sell his car.

Now the modern woman hates this fact, and in doing so, she hates the natural order of things, and is therefore rebelling against nature.  Rebelling against nature only brings natural laws into play that are costly.  A man’s method of releasing her can take on any number of ways.  This is the reason fathers give away the bride.

Father’s are men relinquishing their ownership of their daughters to another male for the purpose of sexual reproduction.  There are cases of men temporarily relinquishing their ownership of daughters, girlfriends, and wives, such as: men renting their women to other men for the purpose of earning money for sex.

Yes, some men will let their wives or women go with other men or women even for the purpose of self-gratification.  We call these men pimps and the women prostitutes.  Yet, their behavior is the result of rules imposed upon them, which rules have altered natural life by imposing money as a necessity to buy food and the things that once belonged to the human race and were free for the taking.

As we discuss the male’s behavior, which at times can be extremely dangerous, keep in mind that throughout the ages the male has had to impose rules on the female because of knowledge being acquired and added to the brain.  Knowledge of new things occurring in the human exchange of a society has changed the behavior of men and women, while the knowledge of instinct is mostly lost and unknown to us today.

To be continued…The UnderGround Bible

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by MamaLiberty

The following horror story is like so many in the world where a sexually abusive father fights tooth and nail to get his victims back.  The children are trying to heal and yet their father continues to try gain access to his victims unsupervised.  A mother made a promise to her children that they would be safe forever…mothers always keep their promises.

I am a devoted, loving and protective Canadian mom of 4 stunning children. My name is Cara and I am being held captive in a country that claims liberty and justice for all and yet this is not the case here in America and globally.  Our captor is our abuser, the ransom, their childhood and our freedom to live a life without abuse.  I am being forced to file paperwork that our abuser refused to file for me as it was part of his abuse arsenal over me during our marriage to keep me in my place.  I have no legal rights unless I can afford to pay for them and more importantly, as survivors of domestic violence and our boys, child abuse, we are being re victimized by the very systems that took an oath to serve and protect, give due process and serve the best interest of the child.

I came to America engaged to a man who gave me his word he’d take care of me.  We have 2 boys together.  I left a marriage I thought would last the rest of my life, well, that was until I realized we were in danger.  In Nov 2004 after careful planning I saw the window of opportunity to get myself and our 2 boys out safely.  In the middle of the night, a friend came to pick us up and drive us to our safe place.  A woman’s shelter in PA.  I tucked my then 10mos and 22mos old boys into our bed and for the first time since coming to America, we slept in peace.  No more did I fear waking up to a gun pointing at my head, no longer did I hear his words of how he was going to kill me and bury me all over the States, no more did I hear him spew his venom at our toddlers.  Finally, we were safe…or so I thought.  Little did I know what would be in store for us over the course of the upcoming yrs.  We were at the gates of Hell and didn’t even know it…until now.

I tried to be the friendly parent, I tried to co-parent, I just wanted to know our safety would be priority to family courts.  Sadly, this was not the case and still, abuse lurks in corners.  Our abuser used the family courts and his attorney as extensions of his abuse.  We had Protection from Abuse (PFA’s) orders issued against him, we had witnesses and documentation to substantiate our claims.  Mandated reporters called CPS (Child Protective Services) a total of 10-12 times only one report was treated with the respect and safety the children deserved which resulted in 2 supported investigations of sexual abuse against their father; our abuser.  After 6 years of torment, taunting and judicial abuse the childrens cries were heard.  It no longer mattered to me that the Courts belittled and outright dismissed the domestic violence, all that mattered now was our 2 boys were BELIEVED.  After 5&6 yrs of being their primary caretaker, Dec 2008 they were raped from my custody and placed with our abuser who at this time was now a 4 State drive away.  Why the term rape, because I have been raped and the tearing away of your children to our abuser runs parallel to being raped by your attacker.  The children testified to the abuse and the Judge dismissed their testimony, the Judge dismissed the treating psychologist would could substantiate the child’s fears and reactive behaviour.  The only thing the Judicial system saw was an immigrant mother who was obviously making allegations to gain custody.  Furthest from the truth. 70% of Batters gain custody when they file for it, 1.3% of abuse allegations are false, I’m not that 1.3%  I was sadly awarded visitation and our abuser controlled even that.  Then in March of 2009 without notice not more than 24 hrs of having the boys home, they both disclosed sexual abuse against their father.  A forensic interview was completed in MA (our home State) and sent to PA the State of jurisdiction.  The children were taken into protective custody and I was only afforded 3 phone calls in a 48 day period while our abuser was allowed continued supervised visitation once a week.

The children were so brave as they continued to disclose and sadly act out.  The CPS investigator completed her findings and presented it to the Judge with the recommendation that the children be returned to my custody and that the children not remain in foster care.  Our abuser testified that he’d rather see them in foster care than with me their mother. 3 days later the Honorable Judge Stein order the children back to me this time awarding me sole custody of our boys and giving our abuser supervised visits though a accredited centre that would ensure the children’s safety.

No sooner did this happen that our abuser filed for an appeal against the indicated reports of sexual abuse against our 2 sons.  In Dec 2009 with less than 24hrs notice to appear in court 4 States away, the children were confronted by their abuser prior to testifying.  The very man who had told the boys that if they told about “daddy’s secret” they could all go to jail, or even be killed. (nothing different from threats he had made to me during our marriage.)  The boys asked me if they were going back to foster care and I had told them no, they asked why they were there and I told them because the Judge wants to hear what they told us and the investigator about the things they said about their dad.  They also wanted confirmation that we’d then go home and I said yes, then we’d go straight home.  Upon exiting, our youngest did state that he told a lie about me, when asked why, he sadly said he “was afraid that daddy’s lawyer would get mad” I told him not to worry, it would be okay.

May 15, 2010 I get notice in the mail via the attorney for CPS informing me that our abuser’s appeal before the Administrative Law Judge was granted and ordered CPS to expunge his record as ”they did not convince me that they were telling the truth” He went further to state that “their mother influenced their testimony” and the “Appellant denied that he sexually abused the subject children.  Appellant’s testimony was credible”

With this feather in his hat, our abuser has now served me with more litigation papers, this time seeking sole custody and to have my parental rights suspended pending a custody hearing.  I have brought this to the attention of the boys treating specialists and they were not a bit surprised as they see this happen all to often to young children who have suffered child abuse and placed on an adult platform like testifying in court especially in the known presence of their abuser.  So here we go back down the Rabbit Hole of a broken and failing family court system that is not protecting our children but rather trafficking them to the money whores of the CRT.   Sadly, this is not just in America as I have found out and worse yet, I am not alone.  This is a global crisis that is even taking place in my own home country of Canada.

Is no child safe anymore? Aren’t they WORTH SAVING?

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'Survivor' Producer Being Arrested for Murder of Wife




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Former 'Survivor' producer, Bruce Beresford-Redman, to be charged with murder Monday?

Murdered mom's children barred from memorial: Ex-Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman to blame!

Former 'Survivor' producer, Bruce Beresford-Redman, to be charged with murder Monday?

Bruce Beresford-Redman, 'Survivor' producer suspected of murdering his wife Monica in Mexico, isn't getting away with murder if Mexican authorities have their way about it, according to ABC. An arrest warrant has been issued for the former 'Survivor' producer as of Monday, May 31.

'Survivor' producer arrest warrant issued one day after murdered wife's memorial service

Bruce Beresford-Redman had just told his children yesterday, Sunday May 30, that they could not attend their dead mother's memorial service. Bruce's deceased wife, Monica, had been murdered while they were in Mexico in early April of this year.

'Survivor' producer's mother lies to children about their mother's death

Bruce's mother had told the children their mother died in an automobile accident and due to a bump on the head. But it is highly likely that the two small children were present in the room when their father and mother argued so loudly at the Moon Palace Resort in Mexico that they heard it. Guests at Moon Palace Resort heard the arguing as well as what sounded like furniture being thrown.

Bruce Beresford-Redman cruel to not allow Monica's family to mourn with her children

Monica's family were denied the ability to mourn alongside Monica's children during Sunday's memorial service, but today they are able to feel that the wheels of justice are indeed turning, even if it is rather slowly.

'Survivor' producer Bruce Beresford-Redman took out two life insurance policies on his wife one week before her body was found. One paid $50,000 in the event Monica died during a travel experience; the other was to pay $500,000.

This information, coupled with witnesses seeing Bruce become violent and angry towards his wife in Mexico is just a couple of pieces of information Mexican authorities gathered in determining if Bruce had means, motive, and opportunity to murder Monica in Mexico.


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I came across this paper a couple years ago, stashed it, and just refound…it is an interesting concept….suing your abuser.  If the courts weren’t so bias against women, I’d say this should be seriously considered.  It is nice to wish though that the courts would be just and fair about anything.

Here is an excerpt:

The legal system’s response to domestic violence has improved somewhat in recent years. More abusers are arrested and more victims obtain orders of protection. Despite this progress, there is still a lot room for improvement. One legal remedy that surprisingly few victims avail themselves of is the civil tort suit. In the past, a legal doctrine known as interspousal immunity, combined with misguided perceptions of domestic violence as being a private matter, limited a woman’s ability to obtain compensation for abuse committed by a spouse. Perceptions about domestic violence are gradually changing and the interspousal immunity doctrine has been abolished in all but two states, providing today’s domestic violence victims with a range of potential tort causes of action. This article will discuss several of these causes of action and describe common defenses which must be overcome.

To download the article, please click here.

WordPress Tags: ABUSER,TORT,DOMESTIC,VIOLENCE,BRIAN,ZOELLER,ABUSE,PATRICK,SCHMIEDT,AGAINST,WOMEN,paper,concept,courts,bias,Here,excerpt,system,response,victims,orders,protection,Despite,room,improvement,avail,doctrine,woman,compensation,spouse,action,article,defenses,perceptions,interspousal

International Bullying With Kids As Pawns: Is This What Child Abduction Looks Like? Another Mother Demonized by the American Media

By Randi James

This story has as many twists in it as the David Goldman and Bruna Bianchi Story. Interestingly, it also has a couple of similarities. First, these cases involve the family courts in the State of New Jersey. Second, the wives have not been able to speak for themselves, so we have the father being represented by the media.

Let's break down the stories as reported in the United States. Please make note of the language that is utilized and the structure of that language:

In a March 6, 2010 NBC New York article entitled, NJ Dad Fights for His Children After Wife Flees to Korea:

"I suspect they are in Korea but i'm not sure," says Mendoza.

He says his wife took the children, then disappeared into her native country of South Korea

The father (Mendoza) doesn't really know where his kids are but says that his wife (Shim) took the kids (from where) and hid out.

Shim allegedly convinced Mendoza to move to a town south of Seoul. He says they were hurting financially so he returned to America to wait for his family that never showed up.

The father was convinced to move to Korea but the monetary payout wasn't what he was seeking. He went back to the U.S. to wait? So in the meantime, what was he doing? Did his wife say she wanted to return to the U.S.? Did she say that she would?

Shim tells the court and Korean authorities a much different story.

"Mrs. Shim, the mother, was told by her 5-year-old son there was some type of sexual abuse by the father to the 2-year-old daughter," said Shim’s attorney Christine Bae.

Mendoza denies the charge, asking why, if she believed it, his wife fled rather than show up in court to gain legal custody of the children.

The father denies the charge? Or the allegation? And why would the mother flee? She was in Korea, wouldn't the question be why would the father flee, especially in that Korea is non-signatory to the Hague Convention? Why not pursue his children in Korea?

Mendoza says his wife has allowed him to chat with his kids once a month through Skype, but he’s had no contact since his wife's arrest.

Once a month since when?

In a March 7, 2010 in a New York Post article entitled, Musician mom held in kidnap: New hope for desperate NJ dad:

A globetrotting concert violinist who absconded with her son and daughter in South Korea last year was arrested in Guam last week, sparking hope for a New Jersey father who has waged a ferocious court battle to get his children back.

Globetrotting? The father is also a musician who has traveled the world.

Absconded with...in...? The mother did not abscond with her children TO South Korea--which would mean that she left somewhere (presumably New Jersey) with the kids and fled to South Korea. She fled IN South Korea.

Shim was busted Wednesday as she arrived at the airport in Guam, a US territory.

Busted? A little dramatic, no? It would be reasoned that this woman knew Guam was a US territory and thus travel there would pose a risk, if she felt she had something to risk.

Shim's arrest is the latest turn in Mendoza's custody battle, which has been mired in global politics and red tape because Korea does not observe the Hague Convention governing international custody battles.

Is the red tape because of the Hague Convention, or something else?

The nightmare began in February 2009 for Mendoza, 47, when at Shim's request he took a temporary teaching position she had arranged for him at Suwon University in South Korea. Shim told him she wanted to expose their children to her country's culture.

And so we have here that the father agreed to move to South Korea.

And a month into the trip, Mendoza realized his salary was only half of what his wife had promised. So in April, he flew back to the United States, hoping to earn enough money to move his family back to New Jersey.

And then the father decides to return to the United States, without his wife and children, for economic reasons.

Two days after he arrived home, his wife called him, saying he had molested their daughter and shouldn't return to Korea, Mendoza's web site says.

And here we have allegations of sexual abuse involving the father.

Shim vowed to raise the children on her own and said she had taken over his Korean teaching position.

The mother takes the job that the father held--the same job that seemingly didn't pay him enough money.

The devoted dad flew back to Korea in May and found that the apartment where the family had lived was cleared out.

Mendoza visited the US Embassy in Seoul to report that his wife had kidnapped their kids, he says. He was also questioned by Korean police about the abuse allegations, but was released without being charged.

Nothing mentioned about what the Korean officials said about the mother and children.

Mendoza took his fight to New Jersey courts, where, Brandt said, a judge awarded him full custody of the children.

Father returns to the U.S. and is awarded full custody of the children in absence of the mother and children in that New Jersey courtroom. What did the father say to the judge? What evidence did he provide? How was the mother noticed of the hearing? Did she have enough time to respond? If you make a kidnapping accusation in a New Jersey courtroom are you automatically given full custody of your children without any investigation into the matter?

In a March 12 article entitled, Dumont father battling wife in international custody case; kids are in South Korea:

Now, authorities are preparing to bring Shim to New Jersey to face charges that she kept their son and daughter in South Korea without Mendoza’s consent. Bergen County prosecutors have also charged Shim with interfering with custody, a second-degree charge that carries up to 10 years in prison.

When is consent or lack of consent established? What is the time frame? And how is this proven?

But not long ago, Shim told Mendoza that she wanted to move to Korea for a time, having lost interest in the conservatory and having become impatient with life in the Western world, he said. Mendoza said he reluctantly agreed to live there for a year.

The father agreed...for a period of one year. This would mean that the father violated the agreement when he moved back to New Jersey.

Mendoza worked as a music teacher and Shim worked part time while taking care of the children, and she seemed happier than she had been in Dumont, he said.

Soon, however, Mendoza found out that his pay was half of what he had expected, he said.

Realizing that he was not making enough to support a family of four, and fearing that a prolonged absence from the United States would jeopardize his teaching jobs here, he decided to return briefly and lay the foundation for a permanent move back to the U.S., he said.

The mother was happy in Korea despite what the father depicts as an income issue. The father was concerned with money and status in the U.S. Was this a marital agreement or a unilateral move on a hope and wish that his wife would follow suit?

Mendoza’s attorney, Galit Moskowitz, ...Scott Laterra, another attorney for Mendoza...

The father has two attorneys.

...Shim filed a criminal complaint a few days before Mendoza left Korea, and then told him about it after he arrived in the United States.

This would mean that the child(ren) alleged sexual abuse before the father even left Korea, but that the Korean authorities had not yet contacted him.

Last week, Superior Court Judge Alexander H. Carver issued an order finding Shim in contempt of court and issued a warrant for her arrest.

Remember his name.

Bae said the children are now with their maternal grandmother in South Korea, and stressed that Mendoza knows exactly where they are.

The children's whereabouts are known? This sounds like a NCMEC case /snark.

Mendoza said he has been able to talk to the children once in a while over the phone but has lost touch for the past three weeks.

Previously he said he talks to them via Skype on a monthly basis. If the mother is in prison/jail, how does he expect her to continue to facilitate this?

In a May 28 article entitled, Violinist to remain in jail until kids returned: judge:

A globetrotting violinist who was arrested in Guam months ago after she absconded with her two young children in South Korea will remain behind bars until the children are returned home, a Bergen County judge said today.

"She remains arrested under my orders," said Judge Alexander H Carver, of Si Nae-Shim, who did not appear in court.

He reiterated that she would not be released until the children are brought home.

The mother has not even appeared in court yet. The judge doesn't want to hear her, he only wants to see the kids returned to New Jersey. The mother has not spoken, therefore she has not been heard. How can the kids be ordered to return to the U.S. based upon the decision of one judge and one party--the father? Why not order the father to return to Korea? What gives New Jersey and the United States all of this power? Remember his name, again, Bergen County Judge Alexander H. Carver.

Will the U.S. will bully South Korea based on this case, just as they did Brazil (using economic sanctions)? Will father's rights continue to trump children's best interests? Will father's rights groups try to bully South Korea just as they are doing to Japan (regarding the Savioe case)? Will South Korea bow down to the United States Hague Convention? Or will the hypocrisy of the United States and their treatment of women and children finally be exposed on an international level?

Parental Alienation Syndrome (my ass)

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