(Olathe, KS) Woman shot in head by Husband – Found Dead in her Driveway



Witness to Murder at 3 Feet

Dan Verbeck (2010-08-05)

OLATHE, KS (KCUR) - A woman was shot to death in an Olathe driveway this afternoon and an eyewitness describes it as a premeditated crime. Police later arrested the victim's estranged husband.

A contentious relationship ended with a gunshot in the 400 block of East Spruce. The woman who was killed had gone to her former partner's house to retrieve belongings.

The pair was described as arguing loudly. Eric Snyder describes being three feet away when the man reached into a truck parked in the drive.

Snyder seemed in shock telling the story--"That's when he grabbed the gun. Evidently it was in the back of the truck, I assume, and pulled it out. Pointed it. Pulled the trigger. It didn't go off. He cocked it then and pulled the trigger again. By this time she was running back to the truck "

Snyder said it was enough horror to last him a lifetime.

The bullet hit the woman in the head and she died in the driveway. Police arrested 39 year old Jerry R. Hayes a few hours later.

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(Olathe, KS) Woman shot in head by Husband – Found Dead in her Driveway



Witness to Murder at 3 Feet

Dan Verbeck (2010-08-05)

OLATHE, KS (KCUR) - A woman was shot to death in an Olathe driveway this afternoon and an eyewitness describes it as a premeditated crime. Police later arrested the victim's estranged husband.

A contentious relationship ended with a gunshot in the 400 block of East Spruce. The woman who was killed had gone to her former partner's house to retrieve belongings.

The pair was described as arguing loudly. Eric Snyder describes being three feet away when the man reached into a truck parked in the drive.

Snyder seemed in shock telling the story--"That's when he grabbed the gun. Evidently it was in the back of the truck, I assume, and pulled it out. Pointed it. Pulled the trigger. It didn't go off. He cocked it then and pulled the trigger again. By this time she was running back to the truck "

Snyder said it was enough horror to last him a lifetime.

The bullet hit the woman in the head and she died in the driveway. Police arrested 39 year old Jerry R. Hayes a few hours later.

WordPress Tags: Olathe,Woman,Husband,Found,Dead,Driveway,news,article,KCUR,Murder,Verbeck,death,afternoon,crime,Police,victim,relationship,gunshot,East,Spruce,belongings,Eric,Snyder,truck,horror,lifetime,bullet,Jerry,Hayes,Feet

News Media on Janelle Burrill Protest California a Court whore her paydays on blood are near over

News Report

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KFBK Rpt 08-05-10

Well I am giving this a whirl for the first time…audio on my site.  This was just sent to me, let's see how it goes.  Click on the  link above and your media player will play the downloaded file. News report from KFBK in Sacramento at the protest today.  Great job everyone!

See the post earlier today on police complaints and protest: Outraged Parents Take Action Against California's Janelle Burrill


Outraged Parents Take Action Against Janelle Burrill

For Immediate Release: Contact: Kathleen Russell

August 4, 2010 Cell: 415-250-1180

Outraged Parents Take Action Against Janelle Burrill

Criminal Complaints Against Custody Evaluator to be Filed at 10AM Thursday, Followed By 11:30AM Picket at Her Office


SACRAMENTO- A number of local parents who have lost custody of their children during local divorce proceedings are seeking an official criminal investigation of the professional that they claim is responsible. Multiple parents will file criminal complaints against custody evaluator Janelle Burrillthis Thursday August 5th at 10am at the Sacramento Police Department (5770 Freeport Blvd) followed by an 11:30am picket at Burrill’s 915 University Ave office.

The California State Auditor is currently investigating the Sacramento Famil y Court’s use of court appointees such as Burrill in divorce proceedings. As we understand it, Janelle Burrill is also currently under investigation by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences because of multiple, longstanding complaints against her. We have also seen written confirmation that her board certification was revoked by the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work this past Spring for failing to report an existing complaint against her.

Parents allege that Burrill has engaged in serious misconduct during the course of her investigations, which in one case reportedly led to the handcuffing, hospitalization and drugging of a gifted 14-year-old boy because he allegedly refused to visit with his mother.

Parents have also raised questions about the veracity of Ms. Burrill’s pr imary psychological and legal credentials, given the unaccredited status of some of the educational institutions she reportedly graduated from, and her non-listing with the California State Bar Association. She is reportedly also unlicensed by the California Board of Psychology.

"If these claims are true, then the children of Sacramento deserve a proper investigation. Appointees like Burrill make life-altering recommendations to the courts, which are often routinely accepted by the courts. The welfare of children and the rights of parents to parent their children are often literally in the hands of appointees like Burrill. We are aware of reported negative allegations about Burrill that date back years. These parents deserve to have a formal investigation of their claims, to determine whether state laws have been broken and codes of professional ethics violated," said Kathleen Russell, the Executi ve Director of the Center for Judicial Excellence.

"If laws have been broken, then appropriate action must be taken," Russell said.

A growing frustration with family court appointees who violate state laws and codes of professional conduct around the country has led to recent arrests and lawsuits against court appointees, which is a relatively new occurrence for a once untouchable and politically powerful industry.

See links below for related stories on this subject:

Therapist's arrest may mean a review of cases


Custody Evaluator’s Credentials Questioned In Lawsuit

Dr. Stephen Doyne Has Been Involved In 3,000 To 4,000 San Diego Custody Cases http://www.10news.com/news/19985926/detail.html


Teen sues county for placing her in custody of sex offender grandfatherhttp://www.whas11.com/news/Teen-sues-county-for-placing-her-in-custody-of-sex-offender-grandfather-90358309.html

Questions surround methods, credentials of drug screener

Family Court relies on Robert Bennett's findings to decide crucial issues of custody and divorcehttp://www.truthinjustice.org/drug-screener.htm

Mothers Interrupted These women entered mediation in family court thinking they would retain primary custody of their children. Mediator Janelle Burrill thought otherwise.http://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/content?oid=11355


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ERIC HOLDER --DADDY DEAREST—asks why mommy’s loose custody to batterers ?--ITS CUZ of Fatherhood initiatives and HE is a BIG PART of it—WTF?? MOMMY GO BYE BYE



*Former judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia (Photograph clickable)

Commentary "A" by the APA Public Interest Directorate in a 1998 Report of the American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force On Violence And The Family on ISSUES AND DILEMMAS IN FAMILY VIOLENCE beginning WHEN PARENTS SEPARATE AFTER AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP, SHOULDN'T FATHERS HAVE AS MUCH RIGHT AS MOTHERS TO BE GRANTED PHYSICAL CUSTODY OF AND VISITATION RIGHTS WITH THEIR CHILDREN? and Commentary "B" by the American Judges Association in a 2002 Court Review Special Issue on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE beginning THE PARENTING OF MEN WHO BATTER

Photograph clickable

. . .

Ok sooooooo we have him asking all the right things  THEY KNOW---- THE GUBERMENT KNOWS THAT BATTERED MOTHERS LOOSE CUSTODY TO ABUSERS!!!!!






Obama steps up fatherhood advocacy with new mentoring initiative 


The First Family

In what is becoming a Father's Day ritual for the Obama administration, the president on Monday will bring together children, famous dads and nonprofit groups that promote fatherhood to highlight the importance of fathers.

The center of President Obama's day-long celebration will be a speech at the ARC, an arts and recreation campus in Southeast Washington, where he is set to announce the creation of the President's Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative. It will build on a theme that has been central to his family policy and a core part of the White House's Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

The new initiative, which is enlisting a network of organizations, will expand on a six-city listening tour the administration held last year to bring attention to the issue of fatherlessness. "The tour was a national conversation on responsible fatherhood that was rooted in the president's personal experiences growing up and his realization that father absence is a real challenge facing many communities," said Joshua DuBois, director of the partnerships office.

Last year, more than 24 million children did not live with their biological fathers, census figures show. Among low-income children, the figure is two out of three.

Obama will also ask Congress to move on his $500 million budget request for a Fatherhood, Marriage and Families Innovation Fund, which would give grants to nonprofits that support fathers and families, including job training programs and economic incentives for dads. The tightened focus on fathers and parental responsibility marks a steady shift from the George W. Bush administration's concentration on traditional marriage, said Chuck Donovan, a senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation and a former executive vice president at the Family Research Council.

"The economic support for fathers, while important, is not something new for government," he said. "The marriage-building efforts were new and I think they are [being] undernourished."

Obama's special interest in fatherhood has been a boon for groups that support fathers and have been working for years without much attention. "His leadership and using the bully pulpit has been important," said Roland Warren, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, which was founded in 1994 and recently contracted with the federal government to produce public service announcements promoting fatherhood.

The administration will also begin issuing an e-newsletter from the Fatherhood.gov Web site, emphasizing the role of fathers in families and offering parenting tips. Outside groups enlisted by the White House will also promote the issue. The NFL Players Association has agreed to hold community forums on responsible fatherhood, and the National Parent Teachers Association, the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and other groups will hold events.

On Sunday, meanwhile, Obama made what appears to be the first presidential Father's Day statement that mentions "two fathers."

"Nurturing families come in many forms, and children may be raised by a father and mother, a single father, two fathers, a stepfather, a grandfather, or caring guardian," he said.

Staff writer Alec MacGillis contributed to this report.

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    SLAPP this Janelle Burill--- your all done using victims to profit!!


    It is always a pleasure seeing another Court Whore who uses “Parental Alienation Syndrome” to facilitate taking children and giving them to abusers get discovered for their fraudulent activities.

    Janelle Burrill, of Sacramento, California, who was featured in “Mothers, Interrupted,” was notified on March 18th that she had her board certification revoked by the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work.  This was primarily because of her victims coming forward and filing complaints to the Board.  Burrill has worked very hard to shut them up too…she had theSacramento Press gagged as well as myself and a couple other bloggers for publishing an article written by Sharon Wall, a California grandmother whose granddaughter was taken and given to her daughter’s abuser.  Burrill fraudulently infiltrated the Victims of Janelle Burrill Support Group, claiming herself to be a victim too, then gathered names of victims to punish in court, charging them with “frustration of the process,” her own made-up legal term.  If she lied to get into the support group, what else is she lying about?

    The support group continues their work and she has plenty in store yet.  Several California agencies are investigating Burrill’s activites, and it may not be much longer before we see her in handcuffs.



    Here are some findings re Burrills marketing of certain credentials. So who is Janelle Burrill that practices at 915 University Avenue; Sacramento, California 95825; (916) 646-6500; Fax (916) 646-1176. Janelle Burrill letterheads, business cards, curriculum vitae say the following



    Board Certified Diplomate

    What do you think ? Most of us would think – Wow! We have a super educated knowledgeable doctor , expert in psychology, law and or medicine that has the blessing of all credentialing bodies in the world.

    Janelle Burrill is classic example of false advertisement and fraudulent marketing.

    Lets look at the all the letters stuck in front and back of Janelle Burrill – here are the facts :

    1. “Board Certified Diplomate” – Sounds like Burrill took a big board exam run by a state or a federal agency, got her credentials verified and got an award of the Diplomate. Right?

    Wrong : Burrill did not pass any exam, she pays $115/yr to the association to keep this title. This so called certification is issued by an association that is called  American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work (ABE), It is a not a state or a government agency, it is an association – sort of a club of other  Clinical Social Workers. http://www.abecsw. org/

    They are based  at the following address 27 Congress Street, Suite 501, Salem, MA 01970

    414 First Street East, Suite 3, Sonoma, CA 95476

    To get this so called certificate every year from this friendly club you have to do the following – practice for ~ 300 hours/yr, maintain State Licensure in good standing, Ethical practice, 20 Hours of Continuing Education, Payment of $115/yr. Like most associations rooting for their kind – ABE cares about their revenue and is blind to the fraud perpetuated by Janelle Burrill . They have no idea that the California Board of Behavioral Sciences has dozens of complaints on Burrill and she has been under active investigation by DCA DOI.

    Lets educate ABE – call or send a copy of your BBS complaint and any other factual evidence of Burrills fraud to Mr Robert A. Booth, Jr. Executive Director. Center for Clinical Social Work/ABE

    Shetland Park. 27 Congress St. #501. Salem, MA 01970 Tel : 978-740-5394.

    Once BBS revokes Burrills LCSW  license, “Board Certified Diplomate” will vaporize. It is not a diploma or a certificate that you keep when you graduate from a school , university or board.

    2. J.D. – Sounds like Burrill is a lawyer and can practice law in the state of California. She knows family law and understands how to address the best interest of children and families. Right?

    Wrong : Burrill failed the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination  and the California Bar Examination multiple times. She is not licensed to practice law anywhere – let alone in California.  Our search did not find her at the California Bar –  http://members. calbar.ca. gov/search/ member_search. aspx?ms=janelle+ burrill . Her attorney husband John Michael O’Donnell – #142906 who sends us the threats to gag shows as licensed.

    3. Dr of Psychology –  Burrill claims to be an expert in psychology – she has determined and diagnosed many of her  victims as psychotic, suffering from bi-polar disorders and doles out DSM-V diagnosis and prescribes psychiatric medicine as candies after talking to them for a few minutes.  With a Doctor title in front of her name – you are convinced she is a doctor of psychology right?

    Wrong : We talked to the Board of psychology and found out that she failed the board exam multiple times. She has been trying to get licenced for the last three years and failed miserably. The only assistant licence she had was  terminated in 2006. Our search found out her fraud http://www2. dca.ca.gov/ pls/wllpub/ WLLQRYNA$ LCEV2.ActionQuer y

    Licensee Name: BURRILL-O’DONNELL JANELLE L  ; PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSISTANT License Number: PSB30483 ;  REGISTRATION TERMINATED  ; Expiration Date: July 22, 2006 ; Issue Date: March 18, 2004 ; Address: 2951 FULTON AVE. ; City: SACRAMENTO ; State: CA ; Zip: 95821 ; County: SACRAMENTO ; Actions: No

    4. LCSW – Burrill is licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Clinical social worker LCS 16216. Once the BBS investigation is complete we are confident that justice will prevail and Burrill’s LCSW will be revoked.

    5. PhD  and the “Dr” in Burrill – Burrill attaches a Dr title representing herself as an expert. A PhD holder of some kind.  She asserted herself to us as Doctor of psychology – We must worship this fraudulent doctor Right?

    Wrong : Burrill purchased a PhD from an online / correspondence university called North Central University . This is what it takes to buy a PhD from north Central University. http://www.ncu. edu/about/ about_ncu. aspx

    The requirements are very easy –  The PhD online / correspondence degree requires 51 graduate semester credits including 24 semester credits in dissertation preparation.  No real college would award a masters degree for under 50 credits. At NCU you can do your own stuff in correspondence at $350/credit,  basically buy your online degree for under $17,000.

    No real or proper accredited university would dole out a doctorate with 50 credits of do your own courses over the internet. Her dissertation cannot even be used as toilet paper and she walks around as a Doctor and markets herself as a super expert in psychology.

    It’s a sham of a PhD. No real university would even consider this nonsense to award any degree. The investigators are trying to correspond with Heather fenderick the dean of this correspondence school and will publish details in the second edition of this report. http://www.ncu. edu/academics/ welcome_from_ psychology. aspx . There is no substance or quality.

    http://www.ripoffre port.com/ Colleges- and-Universities /Northcentral- Univers/northcen tral-university- on-lin-fcfmc. htm

    Make your own assessment of the genuine fraud Janelle Burrill – A fake  online degree, failed California Bar exam with no license to practice law anywhere, failed Board of psychology exam and no license to practice psychology and a social worker membership document. Burrill is not just an incompetent fraud she suffers from serious inferiority complex – Further analysis of her behavioral traits in second edition.



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    (TX) Harris County DA punishes a mother for speaking to News Channel after The FATHER raped his child and is now spending 20 years in prison-


    HOUSTON – She’s a Houston housewife and mother who criticized the Harris County legal system on TV.  The reason? Her young daughter had been sexually assaulted, but it seemed to this mother that little was being done about arresting the culprit. 

    Now the prosecutor’s office that handled her daughter’s case is charging the mother with a crime: failure to report child abuse. But her family and child abuse experts say it appears to be nothing but retaliation by a vindictive DA for "the real crime" of speaking out.

    (Note:  KHOU is withholding the names of the housewife and any family members in order to protect the identity of the sex crime victim in this story.)

    "This makes no sense," the woman’s stepfather said.  "That’s wrong. It’s inappropriate. It’s re-victimizing her. And they’re attempting to ruin her life, in my opinion."

    It started in January of this year, when KHOU received a phone call from the mother.

    She said that the Children’s Assessment Center, a Houston-run facility that specializes in assessing children who may have been abused, confirmed that her daughter had been molested and sexually assaulted by her husband. On top of it, her husband had voluntarily confessed to police that he had, indeed, molested children.

    But weeks had since passed and her now-estranged husband had still not been arrested.

    In a television interview with the 11 News Defenders, the mother described how the police officer handling her case had repeatedly promised an arrest on a particular date. But she claimed that date would come and go with no arrest.

    Frustrated, she said she called the officer and was told that it wasn’t unusual in "these types of cases" for an arrest not to occur until nine weeks had passed.

    Eventually, the mother decided to tape her next conversation with that officer, which was later broadcast on KHOU.

    In the taped exchange, he explained the delay:

    " I’ve got 100 of these that I’m actually working on literally...and there’s no way you can work ‘em with any kind of consistency and keep up."

    Then, the 11 News Defenders started placing phone calls and asking for comment and posing questions to the Harris County District Attorney’s office, the Children’s Assessment Center, and even the police case officer himself.  Six weeks after her husband’s confession and just as KHOU aired its story on the situation, he was finally arrested. The husband is now serving a 20-year prison sentence for aggravated sexual assault.

    In addition, KHOU went on to discover and report on hundreds of similar cases where the arrest of pedophiles had been delayed by at least a month, and sometimes much longer.

    And now, months after our final report,  the Harris County District Attorney wants to arrest someone else – the mother.

    The arrest warrant accuses her of knowing her husband was a danger to her daughter in June of 2009 and that she endangered her daughter by not immediately reporting the possible crime.

    In a previous interview with KHOU, the mother said that she indeed had discovered her husband downloading child pornography on his computer. The mother told reporter Jeremy Rogalski that she was in shock and even frightened, but that she followed her first impulse to take her kids and leave her husband. The mother said that from that point on they lived apart.  The husband, whom she described as the only source of income for the family, continued to support them, although she said he was not allowed to see the children.

    But in December of 2009, the husband reoffended again with the child of a family friend. Then, that crime and the assault of the daughter were reported to the authorities.

    Now, the mother could face jail time.

    However, child abuse experts say the mother’s reaction to the discovery her mate was a sex criminal wasn’t unusual and was almost typical. They also say that fact is something the DA should know, and that charging the mother in these sorts of circumstances is very surprising.

    "This is a case of systemic failure at the most destructive, it’s most counter-productive, for the community and, more importantly, for the child," Steven Lightfoot, president of Justice for Children, a Houston-based child advocacy group.

    In addition, the organization’s chairman Randy Burton, an attorney and former Harris County Chief Prosecutor, said what’s happening does not seem like justice.

    "We have seen repeated examples" he says, where officials "have neglected their duty to aggressively and competently investigate child abuse cases and take offenders off the street."

    And for Burton, that makes the present situation even worse.

    "When a protective mother who is not trained in the law…tries to get criminal charges filed against a child molester and speaks out when the system fails her child, she is prosecuted," Burton said, adding that "prosecuting her for failure to timely report after the mother spoke to the media about the Sheriff’s Office and the Children’s Assessment Center’s failure to act smacks of selective prosecution by the Child Abuse Unit at the DA’s office."

    Which is exactly what the family thinks.

    "Denise Oncken, the district attorney prosecuting the case, warned my daughter, my stepdaughter, on numerous occasions, in front of witnesses, not to talk to the press, or there would be consequences," the mother’s stepfather said.  He added that there were also numerous witnesses to the alleged statements.

    In fact, the mother’s family was so angry that Tuesday it went to Houston City Council to plead for help.

    And what did the Harris County DA have to say about the controversy?

    Late Tuesday, Donna Hawkins of the DA’s office sent KHOU a written statement. In its entirety it reads: 

    "Our duty as prosecutors is to see that justice is done.  In that regard, criminal cases are filed based on the facts and the evidence presented to us by law enforcement.  An independent magistrate made a finding of probable cause in this case on July 30th."

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    San Bernardino County, California -- Father killed 2-year-old son after being given visitation rights; apparently there's an epidemic of rude judges who disbelieve and threaten mothers in favor of men who abuse and kill children

    San Bernardino County, California --

    Dastardly reports "This is NOT the first time a judge has refused to believe the mother or look at the evidence in a child abuse case involving the father. Judge Robert Lemkau (also of San Bernadino County) was recently drummed off the bench for allowing a similar miscarriage of justice in the murder of Wyatt Garcia. Now Judge John M. Pacheco is also being looked at for granting dad Alex Baeza unsupervised visitation with his 2-year-old son, despite credible evidence of child abuse. The little boy later died of a head injury 'allegedly' inflicted by his father. The father is facing homicide charges. Note that the mother was threatened with loss of custody for even mentioning her concerns."http://dastardlydads.blogspot.com/2010/08/dad-kills-2-year-old-son-during-cou...

    "The family of a 2-year-old Inland boy who died in his father's care has filed a complaint asking that a San Bernardino County Superior Court judge be disbarred for granting visitation to the boy's father. Seven months after the judge's order, in which court records show he chastised the mother for overreacting to injuries, Isaac Gallegos was dead and his Moreno Valley father was charged with murder... [Judge Pacheco told the mother] "I think you're overreacting all right? Now, if you continue to act this way... I'll have to take custody away from you and... I will give custody to the person that is most willing to cooperate with the other parent, and giving them custody OK?... "http://www.pe.com/localnews/inland/stories/PE_News_Local_D_isaac04.2188d98.html

    MEDIA BIAS: But WTF is this in the above article: "University of San Diego professor Robert Fellmeth said the case points to not just the court's failure but to a larger indictment on the system...  said Fellmeth, who founded the Child Advocacy Institute... 'Family courts can often overlook signs of abuse because false allegations are frequent in embattled custody cases...'  And just how "frequent" are they, when mothers accuse fathers in child custody cases?  A relative word, a value judgment, an unquantified and unexplained perception that itself is arguably false. So what is this blather doing in here? The upshot: it's not anyone's fault. It's someone else's job. It's the fault of the "system" (an abstract thing that doesn't actually exist). No individual is to blame. No one did anything wrong. No one was biased. Public opinion isn't confused because of media false balance... So when you come away from the article, the bottom line you are left with is: only one individual in the entire system actually is inherently suspect as to motive or credibility, and that's an accusing mother. Everyone is presumed well-intentioned,  intelligent and unbiased, and faced with having to grapple with the near-impossible task of figuring out which mothers are liars or delusionals, and which mothers might have a point.

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    Amy Baker, William Bernet --Just a few who condone and encourage DRUGGING Children of Divorce into SUBMISSION especially if they claim ‘abuse’.



    The most disturbing problem to me is the drugging of children who are handed to the abuser in a child custody battle.  I have had moms tell me about their children being drugged to the point they are walking zombies.  And it’s no wonder…these children have to put up with the continued abuse of their other parent and themselves, possibly still enduring physical abuse or worse, even rape, without being able to escape and nobody believing you.  Of course, if Dr. William Bernet and his 50 magical supporters (including Dr. Amy Baker (book seller) and her very pathetic study of 40 handpicked individualswho have an ax to grind) get their way and so-called “parental alienation disorder” is adopted into the DSM-V, even more children will be subjected to being drugged into submission.

    I was handed valium as a child after my siblings and I ended up in the custody of my mother’s abuser.  However, as an independent thinker, I flushed them down the toilet and refused to take it.  As an independent thinker, under Bernet’s definition of so-called “parental alienation disorder” I would have one of the symptoms defining me with the “disorder,” even though my neighbors, siblings and I saw my father abuse my mother for years.  As a young teenager, I knew that trying to drug children into submission was wrong.  Why do these “professionals” keep getting away with it?  It is just another form of child abuse.

    US Kids Represent Psychiatric Drug Goldmine

    Saturday 12 December 2009

    by: Evelyn Pringle, t r u t h o u t | Report

    (Image: Jared Rodriguez / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: zaxl4, Thom Watson)

    Prescriptions for psychiatric drugs increased 50 percent with children in the US, and 73 percent among adults, from 1996 to 2006, according to a study in the May/June 2009 issue of the journal Health Affairs. Another study in the same issue of Health Affairs found spending for mental health care grew more than 30 percent over the same ten-year period, with almost all of the increase due to psychiatric drug costs.

    On April 22, 2009, the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reported that in 2006 more money was spent on treating mental disorders in children aged 0 to 17 than for any other medical condition, with a total of $8.9 billion. By comparison, the cost of treating trauma-related disorders, including fractures, sprains, burns, and other physical injuries, was only $6.1 billion.

    In 2008, psychiatric drug makers had overall sales in the US of $14.6 billion from antipsychotics, $9.6 billion off antidepressants, $11.3 billion from antiseizure drugs and $4.8 billion in sales of ADHD drugs, for a grand total of $40.3 billion.

    The path to child drugging in the US started with providing adolescents with stimulants for ADHD in the early 80s. That was followed by Prozac in the late 80s, and in the mid-90s drug companies started claiming that ADHD kids really had bipolar disorder, coinciding with the marketing of epilepsy drugs as “mood stablizers” and the arrival of the new atypical antipsychotics.

    Parents can now have their kids declared disabled due to mental illness and receive Social Security disability payments and free medical care, and schools can get more money for disabled kids. The bounty for the prescribing doctors and pharmacies is enormous and the CEOs of the drug companies are laughing all the way into early retirement.

    Psychiatric Drugs Explained

    During an interview with Street Spirit in August 2005, investigative journalist and author of “Mad in America,” Robert Whitaker, described the dangers of psychiatric drugs. “When you look at the research literature, you find a clear pattern of outcomes with all these drugs,” he said, “you see it with the antipsychotics, the antidepressants, the anti-anxiety drugs and the stimulants like Ritalin used to treat ADHD.”

    “All these drugs may curb a target symptom slightly more effectively than a placebo does for a short period of time, say six weeks,” Whitaker said. However, what “you find with every class of these psychiatric drugs is a worsening of the target symptom of depression or psychosis or anxiety, over the long term, compared to placebo-treated patients.”

    “So even on the target symptoms, there’s greater chronicity and greater severity of symptoms,” he reports, “And you see a fairly significant percentage of patients where new and more severe psychiatric symptoms are triggered by the drug itself.”

    Whitaker told Street Spirit that the rate of Americans disabled by mental illness has skyrocketed since Prozac came on the market in 1987, and reports: (1) the number of mentally disabled people in the US has been increasing at a rate of 150,000 people per year since 1987, (2) that represents an increase of 410 new people per day and (3) the disability rate has continued to increase and one in every 50 Americans is disabled by mental illness.

    The statistics above beg the question of how could this happen when the so-called new generation of “wonder drugs” arrived on the market during the exact same time period. The truth is, the “wonder drugs” cause most of the bizarre behaviors listed by doctors to warrant a mental illness disability.

    Psychiatric Drug Goldmine

    The CIA “World Factbook” estimate the world population to be about 6.8 billion and the US population to be a mere 307 million. In an April 2008 report, the market research firm Datamonitor reported that the “US dominates the ADHD market with a 94 percent market share.”

    ADHD drug prices at a middle dose for 90 pills at DrugStore.com, are: Adderall $278, Concerta $412, Desoxyn $366, Strattera $464 and Vyvanse $385. Daytrana costs $437 for three boxes of 30 nine-hour patches.

    The SSRI and SNRI antidepressants include GlaxoSmithKline’s Paxil and Wellbutrin, Pfizer’s Zoloft, Celexa and Lexapro from Forest Labs, Luvox by Solvay, Wyeth’s Effexor and Pristiq and Lilly’s Prozac and Cymbalta. The average price of these drugs is about $300 for 90 pills at DrugStore.com.

    The prices for anticonvulsants can run as high as $929 for 180 tablets of Glaxo’s Lamictal, and $1170 for 180 tablets of Johnson & Johnson’s Topamax.

    In 2008, the atypical antipsychotics took over the slot as the top revenue earners in the US, and include Seroquel by AstraZeneca; Risperdal and Invega marketed by Janssen, a division of J&J; Geodon by Pfizer; Abilify from Bristol-Myers Squibb; Novartis’ Clozaril and Eli Lilly’s Zyprexa. The average price on these drugs for 100 pills at DrugStore.com is about $1,000. Lilly also sells Symbyax, a drug with Zyprexa and Prozac combined, at a cost $1,564 for 90 capsules at DrugStore.com in May 2009.

    The briefing material submitted to an FDA advisory panel in April 2009 reported that an estimated 25.9 million patients worldwide had been exposed to Seroquel since its launch in 1997 through July 31, 2007, in the US, and the second quarter of 2007 for countries outside the US. Of that number, an estimated nearly 15.9 million took Seroquel in the US, compared to only ten million patients in the rest of the world. In 2008, the US accounted for roughly $3 billion of Seroquel’s $4.5 billion in worldwide sales.

    For the full-year of 2008, Eli Lilly reported worldwide Zyprexa sales of about $4.7 billion, with US sales of $2.2 billion and only $2.5 billion for the rest of the world.

    FDA as Promotional Tool

    On June 12, 2009, an FDA advisory panel gave the green light to expand the marketing of Zyprexa, Seroquel and Geodon for use with 13 to 17 year-olds diagnosed with schizophrenia and 10 to 17 year-olds diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The FDA usually follows its advisers’ recommendations.

    “Such approval gives manufacturers a shield from liability – for illegally promoting the drugs for off-label use,” said Vera Hassner Sharav, president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection.

    “And such approval ensures increased use of these drugs,” she warned. “Manufacturers and mental health providers will profit while children’s physical and mental health will be sacrificed.”

    “The body of evidence showing these drugs to be harmful is irrefutable,” she said, “it is documented in FDA’s postmarketing database, and in secret internal company documents uncovered during litigation.”

    According to Dr. Stefan Kruszewski, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the atypicals increase the risk of obesity, type II diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks and stroke.

    He said the drugs were marketed as safer and easier to tolerate than the older, cheaper antipsychotics because they would cause fewer neurological injuries like tardive dyskinesia and akathisia.

    Those claims turned out to be totally false, he said, and “they continue to cause same neurological side-effects as the older antipsychotics.”

    “Children are known to be compliant patients and that makes them a highly desirable market for drugs, especially when it pertains to large-profit-margin psychiatric drugs, which can be wrought with issues of non-compliance because of their horrendous side effect profiles,” according to a June 29, 2009 paper titled, “Drugging Our Children to Death,” in Health News Digest.com, by Gwen Olsen, who spent over a decade as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and authored the book, “Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher.”

    Children are forced to take their drugs by doctors, parents and school personnel, she said. “So, children are the ideal patient-type because they represent refilled prescription compliance and ‘longevity.’”

    “In other words,” Olsen noted, “they will be lifelong patients and repeat customers for Pharma!”

    “The initiative to drug our children for profit has exceeded all common sense boundaries and is threatening the welfare of every American child,” she stated, and it “is up to each and every one of us to stop this madness!”

    Drug Makers Busted

    Most all of the psychiatric drug companies have come under investigation over the past several years for promoting their drugs for off-label use, especially with children. However, the fines they end up paying are trivial compared to the profits earned through the illegal marketing campaigns.

    In September 2007, Bristol-Myers Squibb entered into a $515 million civil settlement with the US Department of Justice for illegally marketing drugs, including Abilify, for off-label uses. In the first six months of 2009, Abilify had sales of $1.9 billion. In 2008, the salary and compensation package of Bristol-Myers’ CEO, James Cornelius, was $23,150,236, according to the AFL-CIO’s Executive PayWatch Database.

    On January 29, 2009, Paxil and Wellbutrin maker, GlaxoSmithKline, announced that it would record a legal charge in the fourth quarter of 2008 of $400 million relating to an ongoing investigation initiated by the US attorney’s office in Colorado into the US marketing and promotional practices for several products for the period 1997 to 2004. The government inquired about alleged off-label marketing as well as medical education programs for doctors, “other speaker events, special issue boards, advisory boards, speaker training programmes, clinical studies, and related grants, fees, travel and entertainment,” according to a Glaxo annual report.

    In January 2009, Eli Lilly settled with the DOJ and more than 30 states for $1.4 billion over the off-label marketing of Zyprexa. The agreement included a $615 million fine for a federal criminal charge. But $1.4 billion was chump change considering that Zyprexa was still Lilly’s best seller in 2008, with sales of $4.69 billion. Lilly also has paid over $1 billion to settle lawsuits filed by Zyprexa patients. In the first six months of 2009, Zyprexa sales were $1.5 billion. In 2008, Lilly’s CEO, John Lechleiter, had a pay package worth $12,856,882.

    In September 2009, the DOJ reached a $2.3 billion settlement with Pfizer related to the off-label promotion of several drugs, including the psychiatric drugs, Geodon, Zoloft and Lyrica, in the largest health-care fraud settlement in history. But even though Pfizer took the entire $2.3 billion as an earnings charge for the fourth quarter of 2008, the drug maker was still able to post a fourth quarter profit of $268 million. Pfizer’s CEO in 2008, Jeffrey Kindler, had a salary and pay package of $15,547,600.

    Johnson & Johnson is also dealing with the DOJ and state-level investigations into the off-label marketing of Risperdal. The company’s latest SEC filing lists nine subpoenas received by the company involving promotions of Risperdal, including one “seeking information regarding the Company’s financial relationship with several psychiatrists.” In the first six months of 2009, Risperdal earned $660 million. J&J’s CEO, William Weldon, had a pay package worth $29,127,432 in 2008.

    AstraZeneca’s third quarter SEC filing lists a $520 million tentative settlement agreement with the US attorney’s office in Philadelphia to resolve allegations related to the off-label marketing of Seroquel. At “least 34 states are pursuing separate investigations of AstraZeneca’s marketing practices as part of a joint investigation and others may be conducting their own probes,” according to Ed Silverman on Pharmalot.

    “A half a billion dollar one-time settlement is just a small cost of doing business for a company that sold $17 billion worth of the offending drug in the last five years,” Dr. Roy Poses points out on the Health Care Renewal web site. In 2008 alone, Seroquel had world-wide sales of more than $4.4 billion.

    As of July 13, 2009, AstraZeneca was also defending approximately 10,381 served or answered personal injury lawsuits and approximately 19,391 plaintiff groups involving Seroquel, according to SEC filings. Some of the cases also include claims against other drug makers such as Eli Lilly, Janssen Pharmaceutica and/or Bristol-Myers Squibb, the filing notes.

    On September 23, 2009, Shire Pharmaceuticals received a subpoena from the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General in coordination with the US attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, seeking production of documents related to the sales and marketing of Adderall XR, Daytrana and Vyvanse, according to Shire’s third quarter report for 2009.

    In a November 6, 2009, SEC filing, Abbott Labs said the federal prosecutor for the Western District of Virginia was conducting an investigation for the US Justice Department of whether the company’s sales and marketing of Depakote violated civil or criminal laws, including the Federal False Claims Act and an anti-kickback statute related to reimbursement by Medicare and Medicaid programs to third parties.

    In 2008, Depakote had sales of $1.36 billion and Abbott CEO, Miles White, had a salary and compensation package of $28,253,387.

    In February 2009, the DOJ unsealed a lawsuit alleging that Forest Laboratories marketed the antidepressants Celexa and Lexapro for unapproved uses in children, and paid kickbacks to induce doctors to promote the drugs, including Dr. Jeffrey Bostic at Harvard University. In its latest SEC filing, Forest disclosed that it reached an agreement in principle in May 2009 to settle the civil aspects of US federal and state probes. “Penalties in the civil settlement are covered by a $170 million reserve Forest created in April,” according to a November 9 report by Dow Jones.

    Forest also disclosed that the agreement “does not resolve the government’s ongoing investigation into potential criminal law violations” related to Celexa and Lexapro, and thyroid drug Levothroid, Dow Jones notes. In 2008, the salary and compensation for Forest CEO, Howard Solomon, was $6,565,324.

    Over the past year and a half, a large number of so-called “Key Opinion Leaders” in the field of psychiatry have been exposed for not fully disclosing money received from many of the drug companies above through an investigation by the US Senate Finance Committee under the leadership of Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley.

    The list so far includes Harvard University’s Joseph Biederman, Thomas Spencer and Timothy Wilens; Charles Nemeroff and Zackery Stowe from Emory; Melissa DelBello at the University of Cincinnati; Alan Schatzberg, president of the American Psychiatric Association from Stanford; Martin Keller at Brown University; Karen Wagner and Augustus John Rush from the University of Texas and Fred Goodwin, the former host of a radio show called “Infinite Minds,” broadcast by National Pubic Radio.

    Fines as a Business Expense

    The fraud settlements are “merely a cost of doing business to these pharmaceutical Goliaths and, in fact, caps their liability for these crimes,” said Alaskan attorney Jim Gottstein, the leader of the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights), a public interest law firm.

    “Most importantly,” he noted, “these settlements have not stopped the practice of psychiatrists and other prescribers giving these drugs to children and youth and Medicaid continuing to pay for these fraudulent claims.”

    “Because of the massive, harmful, increase in the psychiatric drugging of America’s children and youth, who are inherently forced, PsychRights has made addressing the problem a priority,” he said.

    Gottstein conducted an investigation and determined that the vast majority of off-label psychotropic drug prescriptions for children and youth that are paid for by Medicaid constitute Medicaid fraud.

    PsychRights now has a national “Medicaid Fraud Initiative Against Psychiatric Drugging of Children & Youth,” designed to address this problem by “having lawsuits brought against the doctors prescribing these harmful, ineffective drugs, their employers, and the pharmacies filling these prescriptions and submitting them to Medicaid for reimbursement,” according to its web site.

    “Anyone who submits or causes claims to be submitted to Medicaid for drugs that are not for a ‘medically accepted indication’ is committing Medicaid Fraud,” said Gottstein, in a July 27, 2009 press release announcing the launch of the national campaign.

    “Those guilty of this Medicaid Fraud include psychiatrists and other physicians prescribing these drugs, their employers, and pharmacies submitting the false claims to Medicaid,” he pointed out.

    PsychRights estimates that over $2 billion in such fraudulent Medicaid claims are being paid by the government each year.

    “Once one sues over specific offending prescriptions, all of such prescriptions can be brought in, which means that any psychiatrist on the losing end of such a lawsuit will almost certainly be bankrupted, because each offending prescription carries a penalty of between $5,500 and $11,000,” PsychRights explained.

    It is hoped that once the doctors and pharmacies realize they are subject to financially ruinous Medicaid fraud judgments, the practice will be stopped or substantially reduced.

    “Each prescriber may have a million dollars or few, at most, to lose, but the pharmacies’ financial exposure can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars and it is hoped this will attract attorneys to take these cases,” the web site noted.

    In September and October 2009, Gottstein gave presentations on the initiative at the annual conferences of the National Association of Rights Protection and Advocacy and the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology in order to find people who are potentially interested and willing to pursue such cases.

    “This was successful and we have at least a few such cases cooking,” he reported. “PsychRights stands ready to help people interested in bringing such suits.”

    In late 2006, Gottstein won international fame by subpoenaing and releasing thousands of documents involving Eli Lilly’s illegal marketing of Zyprexa, which resulted in front page stories in The New York Times.

    PsychRights also has an appeal pending on a lawsuit filed against the state of Alaska and responsible state officials seeking declaratory and injunctive relief that Alaskan children and youth on Medicaid have the right not to be administered psychotropic drugs unless and until a number of specific conditions are met. The lawsuit seeks to prohibit the state from paying for psychiatric drugs prescribed off-label to children and youth.

    In responding to the lawsuit, the state claimed that they do have any control over or responsibility for the psychiatric drugging of children in their custody, or any responsibility under Medicaid, and moved for dismissal on the grounds that PsychRights does not have standing, or the right to bring the suit, because it was not harmed by the state’s actions.

    The court agreed and dismissed the case. “We think the judge is wrong and have filed an appeal,” said Gottstein.

    In May 2009, Gottstein sent letters to Sens. Charles Grassley and Herb Kohl and Reps. Henry Waxman, Bart Stupak, John Dingell and Barney Frank, describing the massive Medicaid fraud involved in the prescribing of psychiatric drugs to children in the US and asked for “assistance in stopping these illegal reimbursements.”

    As of November 8, 2009, Gottstein reported, “I haven’t gotten as much as an acknowledgment of receipt from any of the members of Congress to whom I wrote.”

    While pursuing causes on behalf of PsychRights, Gottstein donates all of his time on a pro bono basis.

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