Kristin HANSON (mother who lost custody to the sexual perp/dad) Interviews with William Wagener




Kristin HANSON 1


Kristin HANSON, says her daughter at age 8 complained to a head shrinker Ms. Hanson took her to that her Dad, Jerry had "abused" her. Kristin had been the unfettered custodial parent with dad, Atty. Jerry Morgan, being a non-Custodial Dad. Kristin then found herself in a royal battle, spending over $200,000 on atty.s she borrowed from her Mom, $80,000 on 1 attorney, just trying to get to a JURY TRIAL, and after all that money and time of 6 years WITHOUT her daughter. Custody was reversed without CPS doing a real investigation, she says. Now her daughter 14 years old is becoming desperate and despondent. All CALLs are monitor, because MOM ran away with her when she was 8, because her daughter, she says did NOT want to go to Dads house. Now 6 years later and more than 1/4 million dollars later, she has ZERO custody, and only monitored taped phone contact.

If the original allegation of abuse was false, both she and her daughter have paid dearly, and grandmother too. If it was true, it proves the CPS is incapable or recognizing TRUE abuse, and doing the correct thing. INVESTIGATE and give a Jury trial. For lack of a Jury trial much suffering and waited money has occurred. If Atty. Jerry Morgan used his inside knowledge of the Court system and his BAR brotherhood with Kristin's atty. to avoid a jury TRIAL on the merits, then a crime has been committed, but what atty. would take on such a case to bring justice? None. that is the problem today. Its all about $$, not the best interests of the child.



Kristin HANSON # 2


The LIVE TV show with Kristin HANSON about the loss of her 8 year old daughter six years ago continues. LIVE on TV with host William

WAGENER. After investigation of over 400 similar child custody cases, it seem obvious to Wagener, that the best thing, is to NOT take the child from ANY Parent until a JURY TRIAL, if already done, Mandate a Jury Trial within 10 days of taking a child. More than 20 million American Children today have been done MORE HARM from CPS actions, more have died from foster care or CPS actions than from the natural parents, be they good bad or in between. Abolish Federal Funding for VAWA, CAPTA, and similar programs. they distort justice.

BRING BACK JURY TRIALS, and have CPS workers who commit perjury do mandatory 7 year in Prison, and 7 years out working for to pay restitution to their victims.



Kristin HANSON # 3


3rd of 3 video clips on Kristin HANSON's trauma of complaining about ABUSE by bio-DAD, via a head shrinker, Ms. Hanson trusted, and CPS failed to investigate properly Ms. Hanson, and court, gave custody to the DAD, implying Kristin Hanson was alienating daughter from DAD

without foundation. Yet, the Courts and attorney's who promised a JURY trial, after milking Kristin and her mother, grandmother of Rachel of over $250,000.oo never got a JURY trial on the merits after 6 years. One wonders, if EVEN a mildly "Abusive" parent, with 50% time would not be better than have ZERO Time with the good parent and feeding the cabal of greedy attorney endless stream of hard earned and saved money.

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