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Petition: Prosecute Roman Polanski

no excuses for celebrity pedophiles


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October marks the beginning of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Ironically, it also marks the time that  hundreds of celebrity pals of child rapist Roman Polanski have signed a petition asking that the charges against him be dropped. 

Roman Polanski raped a child.  Then a 43 year old man, he held a 13 year old girl against her will, drugged her and then vaginally and anally raped her.  To spare this traumatized young victim from the additional trauma of having to testify about what happened, the prosecutor offered Polanski  a plea bargain that allowed him to plead guilty to statutory rape.  Polanski then fled the country rather than face sentencing.

And more than 100 celebrities and thousands of others have signed a petition saying that's OK - he shouldn't be punished.

For anyone needing their awareness raised about how prevalent men's violence against women is, about how socially acceptable men's violence against women still is, about how invisible women's and children's human rights are....   it doesn't get any more blatant than this. 

This year, let's do more than raise awareness about men's violence against women.  Let's make a commitment to speak out against it, a commitment to speak up in support of survivors and justice and accountability.  Beginning right now.  With Roman Polanski. 
Sign the petition below demanding that Roman Polanski be prosecuted.

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Prosecute Roman Polanski

We, the Undersigned, are writing to demand that Roman Polanski be extradited and prosecuted. 

The law should not reward fugitives for their successful efforts to evade justice, nor should there be different standards of justice for the wealthy and powerful.

Your decision in this high profile case will send a message to all perpetrators and potential perpetrators about whether they they will be held accountable.   And it will send a message to all victims and potential victims (that is all women) about whether their safety and civil liberties will be protected or whether they can expect to be treated as second class citizens.  

We urge you to uphold justice, safety and women's equality by extraditing and prosecuting Roman Polanski.

Click here to sign the “Prosecute Roman Polanski” Petition!

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